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Barack Obama: Sort of like Carter, only more of a socialist.

Barack Obama may be the worst major candidate for the presidency in my lifetime. His candidacy is based on the fact that he's young, he's a wonderful speaker, and he's black. Sorry to say it, but he's a novelty candidate. I'm not the biggest McCain fan on the block, but I'd rather drag my testicles through a field of broken glass than see Barack Obama in charge of the most powerful nation in the history of the world.

Barack Obama hates babies.

I'm not even going to get into a debate with you about basic abortion. It's murder, but some people are too stupid to see it. So I'll focus on other baby-hating issues. First, Barack Obama supports partial-birth abortions. For those not familiar with the procedure, that's where they drill a hole in the child's brain, extract it along with the stem cells, and then drop the dead fetus in a bucket and send the mother on her way. I don't care who you are; you have to agree that this procedure is murder. Labor has already started in this case. The baby can feel pain, and it is no less sentient or self-aware than any other infant out there. Second, Obama supports killing babies who survive abortions. If the child is born alive, Obama supports having the doctors place the child in a room by itself until it dies from lack of nutrition. Can you imagine a worse death? Starvation?

Obama wants to remove the troops too early.

I'm no fan of war. I don't necessarily agree with the Bush administrations reasons for the Iraq war in the first place. But removing troops too early is the biggest mistake I could possibly imagine. The fledgling Iraqi government and military wouldn't be able to fend off the terrorists and insurgents that we've been pissing off for the last five years. We'd basically be rendering a death sentence on the people we've been trying to protect. Thousands of innocents would die because we abandoned the people that we put in danger in the first place. Beyond that, the absence of a US presence in Iraq would leave a vacuum of power that would likely be filled by countries and groups like Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbolla, Iran, and Syria. I have to think that Obama is either completely unaware of the situation there or he is simply lying about his stance due to the general unpopularity of the war.

Raising taxes and increasing government spending are terrible for the economy

Tax hikes primarily target the rich. The rich are the ones who generally distribute valuable goods and services in this country. They didn't get to be rich by eating tax hikes. Instead, they keep their profit margins the same by increasing the prices of their goods or services. This means that the only people actually affected by these tax increases are the people who have to purchase these goods and services (the working cIass). This puts further strain on people who work hard for a living and encourages them to rely further on government programs, which are supported by tax dollars. This starts the cycle all over again. And I know someone is going to come in here and say that tax hikes are a good way to combat inflation. That's great, except that the unemployment rate has also historically gone up with major tax increases, causing them to rely on the system and thereby reversing the positive effects of a low inflation rate.

Barack Obama wants to have unconditional talks with Iran and North Korea.

This is ridiculous. A president with zero foreign policy experience has no business talking without limits to the world's most powerful despots. Neither country has a stellar human rights record and both are seeking (or already have) nuclear weapons to use against the United States and its allies.

A man can be judged by the company he keeps.

Say what you will, but this saying didn't come from nowhere. Barack Obama willingly associated with an openly racist pastor for over twenty years. And no, this wasn't a spur of the moment thing. Wright has been preaching the same bigotry since the beginning. It's just that no one cared because racist preachers are a dime a dozen. Now it's a big deal because he was the mentor of a presidential candidate. Riddle me this: where would John McCain be if his pastor were a member of the KKK? And then you've got Tony Rezko, a real estate broker who was found guilty on over a dozen charges of corruption and fraud. Obama considered the man a friend, accepted campaign money from him, and even went in together on joint purchases (including the Obamas' home). That brings us to Bill Ayers, a self-proclaimed former domestic terrorist. This man planted a bomb in the Pentagon once, and even expressed remorse that he didn't do more for his cause. Obama at first downplayed his relationship with the man (and why would he try to downplay the relationship unless it were something to be ashamed of), calling him a mere "neighbor". But it has recently come to light that the two men served on two boards together, and most notably collaborated on a failed initiative to save underperforming Chicago school districts. They've known each other for years, and Obama willingly associates with the man. Finally, we've got his wife. This woman is a moron, pure and simple. She actually claimed that when her husband won the candidacy was the first time she had ever been proud of her country. I suppose D-Day, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the billions we spend on humanitarian aid are nothing to be proud of?

His message of "change" is ridiculous.

What change? His policies are the same failed ones that we saw during the Carter and Johnson years. They're just more extreme versions. Barack Obama brings nothing new or different to the table. Politically, he's no different than John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, or any of the other elites in the Democratic party. Picking Joe Biden for his VP candidate (who has been in the senate for LONGER than John McCain) only serves to cement the fact that he cares nothing abount "removing Washington politicians from Washington". What is a Washington politician if not a Senator of 36 years?

I don't even think I have to go into his ridiculous policies involving universal health care or affirmative action. It sickens me to see people buying into the Obama hype train. He's a terrible person and a terrible candidate. He's inexperienced and an idiot to boot.