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Stargate Atlantis: 2x06 - Trinity

A mediocre episode, in my opinion. Nothing much of note to further progress the story occured except for the killing of Ronan's old menthor and the events that followed it. Maybe this will play a role later on in the series. But other than that, there wasn't much interesting. Sure, there was drama with all the of the almost dying, but it was all very predictable.

Stargate SG-1: 9x06 - Beach Head

I don't see why people would call it a cheap send off for Vala. But it would've been much better if Carter hadn't said that there might've been a chance that Vala survived. I don't like Carter's new hair, by the way. I also disliked the fact that they joked about her being a message. So she's in the Ori home galaxy. Don't any of them realize what grave danger she's in?! I don't know if it's my deductonary skills, but the moment she opened her mouth at the end there (the 1st time), I knew she had the solution, but that Jackson would prevent her from venting it, that she would go out and do it herself and somehow, in the process, sacrifice herself.