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Okami and ICO

I still haven't updated my gaming life to next gen so I just figured that it would be better if I catch up with some gems I missed in the past few years.

I went shopping day before yesterday to buy these two games: okami and ICO.

ICO was released back in 2001; the reason I missed it was cuz I never knew how great a game it was. Actually I would have got the game if the title was something a bit more attractive than 'ICO' :P Thats actually the main reason i hesitated when I considered buying this gem countless time in the past few years. But shadow of the colossus changed it all: Being a spiritual predecessor to Shadow of the colossus, it easily got into my 'must buy' list when I finished playing SotC an year and a half ago.

When I got back with okami and ICO, my brother and I decided that I'd play okami and he'd be playing ICO; thats how things usually work between us; he usually doesn't play a game I've gone through. Even if he does, he'll wait for a few months after I finish playing it. With me its not like that; I don't mind playing a game he's going through. I'll play through ICO as soon as I'm done with okami

so ever since i came back with ICO and okami, my brother's been playing ICO and I've played okami for about 2 and a half hours. ICO is a bit old for a ps2 game (as is evident by the graphics) but its a fabulous game judging from what I've seen till now. The whole concept is just beautiful. But I did think it to be lacking some 'polish' in graphics as well as gameplay. If you wanna know more, check the GS page for ICO

OKAMI starts out pretty well with a strong narrative intro (very very strong; especially for a Beowulf fan like me). The story just grabs you in and its a treat to watch the intro just because of the bard-like fable-ish (if you consider that as a word) way the story is narrated. Visually its just stunning and powerful. the only annoying thing is the sound of the text dialogue...just make you want to shut the sound up (even though otherwise the sound is pretty to listen to)

The gameplay is as unique as the visuals and the story narration...even though the combat is a bit too easy (as pointed out by GS).

I'll post a review as soon as I'm done playing with it. If you're curious, here's the GS page

speaking of reviews, I've done a review on FEAR. After more than an year of not posting a review I just decided to go for the top 100 reviews emblem :P so I'm back to reviewing games again :| and I'd appreciate some feedback and also tips on writing better reviews. If you're not feeling too lazy, that is ;)

That said, I've got a list of games that I'll be reviewing over the next few days and I would like you people to vote for the one I should review next. here's the list:

1. Rogue galaxy (ps2)

2. Jedi knight II: jedi outcast (pc)

3. Beyond good and evil (ps2)

4. Fallout (pc)

( I'll be reviewing them anyway but hey, what the hell) which one should I write a review on next?

oh and I've also got back the PC aficionado emblem...I didn't realize that it was that particular emblem that was missing form my profile until I got it back :P

Personal computer = game system

PC aficionados are drawn to their home (or work) computers for their gaming thrills. And why shouldn't they? Are you saying you hate the PC?!