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Gamespot. Since 1970 (??!!)

Two cool things that I discovered recently:

Cool thing # 1:

I logged on to GS yesterday and went to the 'forums' page.

Thats when I discovered that I had been last online in 1970, precisely on the first of January.

cool eh?


does anyone know how to fix it? :P

cool thing # 2

Definitely the best flash animation ever, and quite possibly good enough to rival even the best animated stuff out there: NINJAI: The little ninja. An online flash animated action adventure series 'that centers around the life of Ninjai, a young samurai/ninja who is traveling the ancient world looking for meaning and purpose in his life. Along the way, his path is crossed not only by demons and rogues but by entertaining and humorous characters. Ninjai's best friend is 'Little Bird', a cute and brave side kick with whom Ninjai often converses.' (wikipedia)

Everything from the direction, animation, music etc is all top notch. You can watch it online here

beware though, it can turn very violent sometimes...