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Got a Wii

my mom bought one for christmas today cause she finally found them available. we tested it out of course and now i cant wait for Super Smash Bros!!!

My gaming family

My family is now a gaming family.

In January, my grandparents (in their late 60's, early 70's) bought the nintendo wii.  pretty cool.

Half an hour ago, my mom bought DDR Universe for the 360, cause she wanted to try it, and LOVES it.

My dad started playing Call of Duty (all of them) and absolutly loves it. he is usually making fun that i love video games but now he bugs me to play on the computer or on my 360.  its cool, cause he buys the games.

My sister likes to play Sims and Harvest Moon all the time.

This is kinda cool, cause now that my parents understand how fun gaming is, they are more willing to buy me stuff or play multiplayer with me.

Ive convinced my mom to get a wii, and now, after i get my dad to enjoy DDR, ill convince him too.

got a ps2

i bought a ps2 from my freind for $50.  it included 2 controllers and a memory stick.  plus, a hdd and stand.  thats a great deal if you ask me.  so, i bought God of War and so far it is pretty cool, but the fighting is pretty much the same.

What to do with Money?

I have about $160

I am thinking of three things to buy with it:

-PS2 with God of War and Okami

-Save up for Wii

-or buy a Guitar (i dont know if i like guitar but i need to start somewhere)


Bought My first Microtransaction!

well, i bought my first downloadable thing from Xbox Live.  I bought the Arcade game Mutant Storm, and it is really cool.  Since i like Smash TV, i tried the demo of this and it is really cool.  I would have bought Smash TV but it doesnt have too many levels and this game has 89! But Smash TV has some great charm to it and is pretty funny. Oh well.  It'll be awesome, ill go play it now!

Birthday Presents

Well, yesterday was my B-Day Party and i got the most money yet.

i got $200 plus a $40 Gamestop/EB gift card

thats the best i've ever gotten.  Usually i only get about $120 for my birthday.

my parents got me:

-Michael Crichton's new book NEXT

-Simpsons Season 7

-A shirt

-Linksys Wired Router

-50 ft ethernet cable

so, i went out and got Rainbow Six Vegas and 1600 microsoft points.

now i have my 360 hooked up to the internet, so thats cool.  You may have noticed that my gamertag is updated and i downloaded a bunch of new stuff and might buy a Southpark episode.

Its My Birthday Today

i turn 16 today...

I think that i will go get a modem so that i can hook my 360 up to the internet.  But i dont know if it will work, because it is a CABLE modem.  So i dont know, ill ask the tech guy at Circuit City about how it works.

Also, i am almost level 14 here, i cant wait to be level 20.  Probly sometime later this year.

John Woo's Stranglehold

OMG! This game looks amazing.  If you guys go look at the Official Movie 1.  It just looks so cool.

However, i can see this game have maybe some glitches, uneven level design, enemy AI problems, etc. But it still looks hella fun.

All the destructible environments and the straight up awesome looking

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

After seeing the TMNT trailers finally, it has renewed my love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that i always had as a child.

Tell me something that you guys used to love as kids!

Cowabunga Dudes!