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This is definately worth the blog - SKYPE LAG SPIKES IN GAME

So. lately I've been getting very annoying lag spikes when I'm playing a game, I thought I was just going crazy and someone was stealing my internet.. I tried to mess with my router to no avail because when I look at my router and who's accessing it was only me. I moved on to what I could find. I thought it was because of Windows 7 and some lag. I did some STEAM fix and registry tweaks that tries to fix lag caused by some media management services. it sort of worked but not really.

What I soon notice the spikes only happen when a little program called Skype was on a call.

a little background. I talk to my girlfriend alot on skype and i sometimes leave it on when she's doing hw.. i'd play a game.

It seems to me that ever since I updated to the latest version of skype it would start eating my bandwidth.

Any game I play whether it be Heroes of Newerth, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress 2 etc. I would get an insane ping or an annoying lag spike.

I didn't want to get rid of Skype, and considering it worked before the upgrades. I finally fixed it by downloading
Version 4.0 instead of keeping the latest 4.2

:) Hope this blog helps anyone T_+ but probably not.

Woot, New Computer hopefully soon!

Hello blog,

I'm proud to say that I am about to buy my first custom PC (I must build!) through newegg.
Anyway! It should be exciting, it will be my first time to build a PC and excited to shock the hell out of my mobo jk!
If anyone is curious
I am buying:

Raidmax Ares ATX mid tower case: $ 37.99
MSI P43 ATX Intel Mobo: $ 83.99
VisionTek ATI HD4850 512MB: $189.99
Antec 500W PSU: $39.99
Intel Core2Duo E8400 (3.00GHz): $169.99
G.Skill 4GB (2x2GB) RAM PC2 6400 800MHz: $79.99
Western Digital 250GB HDD: $54.99
Lite On DVD Drive: $23.99
Vista 64 Home Premium: $109.99
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 pro: $31.99

Building your first PC: Priceless HAHAHA
jk i don't know. but i'm a scrub so we'll see what happens!

It's been awhile again

Alot has been going on in all essence of life, and briefly the one's that fly upon my subconcious

are these:
-Ratchet and Clank recieving 7.5
_I respect Aaron sure, but that low of a score --especially when one complains about TOO much to do in a video game?
That doesn't make sense atleast to me.
-I still keep thinking of my 6th grade crush
_Sadly enough i say it as a crush, cause i'm frankly too scare to call it lo**. And besides isn't love a mutual thing, where
it needs two people to create? Well, she's always in my mind. I had her once, for a week sure, or so i think. What a fool I
was to be the on to let go. Ah, the ever haunting thought that will never leave me.
-Calculus, now that's exciting!
_I'm actually getting A's haha woo.
-Fires on the West Coast
_Not cool, alot of people lost homes or on the street cause of the fires. Mother is so strict sometimes.

Well, thats what i have so far. bye !

a calm rant

hm.. well it's been awhile since i blogged.

maybe i blog rarely because really, i have nothing clearly to say. That or i may think too much. Do i really?
See, i'm not as sure as you are. but it doesn't stop me from moving on. it just goes with me
what does?
i'm not sure. free writing, free verse. there is a word for that. I'm not quite sure how it goes. That's just one of the reasons i should pay attention in english clas*(for some reason gamespot opposes that word due to html stuff)  In any instances, my life has been lately consistent with random
house boredom. I've been spending alot of time on video games once again. Maybe because social life has been aggravating. The highschool drama is quite something. And really, i'm getting shyer i think.
It's also funny how i'm losing friends. Friends who i thought might be there for awhile with me. Then again it may be my fault we no longer have that "friendship." Though what defined that "friendship"? i'm thinking now it was all just physical attraction. What made me want to be friends with them to begin with?
sadly enough i'm talking about friends who are girls. Am i looking for a relationship? maybe i am. maybe some attention too. I am writing this blog.
Maybe one or two would read this, but i guess it helps me breath a little. haha, i'm really starting to think i'm getting desparate to find someone to be with. Deep inside i really think i'm just aching for someone to L.O.V.E.
Or it can also just be hormones. who knows. but really, i want something more than physical touch. That's just not me. Hell i may know myself better than anyone else. but really, i barely understand who i am.
Here i am, making judgements to people and telling them what's best for them when i can't even give myself an advice to help myself.
It's aggravating. I'm surprised i wrote something so long. Today has been odd indeed.
From seek to imagination trying to open a bible at church through my mind (telekenisis i suppose, yeah i'm weird.) and now this blog that doesn't really explain much about anything except i'm a confused teenage boy.
Well, i bid you farewell.
Till then to whomever.



Giving her up..

I dont know.. things changed faster than i thought... 1 week before.. im in love with her.. 1 week later.. shes going her way... and shes making me go mine..

it really bites.. i thought it was gonna happen..
but still .. i have to tell her how i feel..