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Spartan Total Warrior

This game's pretty sweet, it could be better. One thing that gets on my nerves is the constant gameplay of everythings harder than it was before. To me nothing in this game is very easy, and it gets on my nerves. I just want it to were I walk in to a room and kill all the guys without even looking at my health.

I'm Back

It's been a while since I've been on, had lots to do. But I'm back, I'm gonna try to be on everyday day but I can't make any promises. Still trying to get used to the new platform of Gamespot. Still trying to find everything.

Hulk Smash

I just spent like an hour just going around smashing stuff. You have no idea how fun and free you are to take a ball and chain and using it like a yo-yo. Or surf on an exploded truck and throw as hard you can to some puny human who blone away by the awesome power. Sorry about that just getting over excited, I do just this game its a very vailuable expierence.


Just bought Hulk Ultimate Destruction it should be a good game. It looks like a really good game, I kno it will be good.

300 Posts

Yay I wonder how long I keep up with all these stupid topics these people make.Sorry if your one of the people that make these topics.
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