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Mass Effect 2 turned out fantastic. I have yet to finish God of War 3, but still felt i should review it ;) (im on the very last part). I finished Red Dead Redemption (and adored it). I am engulfed in Fantasy Football. I'm playing Fallout: New Vegas on PC right now. I don't have as much time to play games anymore, and that is quite alright! Im enjoying other things in life. I want to play Dead Space 2, Shogun 2 and Dragon Age 2. Ha

Is the Effect Greater in Mass Effect 2??

i have played a few hours of the opening in Mass Effect 2. Keep in mind, i went straight into the sequel once i finished the original... BOY have things changed! They completely overhauled the combat, the keyboard shortcuts and the overall feel of the galaxy map.

Initially, as of right now, i have no idea whether i will love this game as much as i did the original.

When i think about it, i believe that i can get used to all of these changes... But HOWEVER there is one change made to the game, which i think i will grow to hate even more than i do at the initial stages. The Galaxy Map....

Why did BioWare think they had to show your Normandy SR2... flying around at the size of a planet to get to the next galaxy. This "super large spaceship you drive around the galaxy" feature is completely unnecessary to a gamer's enjoyment and i believe completely elementaryizes (this is NOT a word) or cheese-balls the game's feel if you ask me... I felt it was handled perfectly in the original game, and it feels like im looking at Monopoly on my galaxy map now..... The original had a much more realistic look and feel to this segment of the game. Maybe i'm over reacting a bit here, and i just need to give the game a chance....

Otherwise, the story is starting well, new combat feels good and im looking forward to the twists and turns to the plot that are yet to come.

I'm hoping and praying BioWare.. :)

The Mass Effect

I have finally been able to get my computer running game-worthy again. and ive made the decision to finally take on Mass Effect.

After ridding myself of my Xbox 360 Elite back in 2007, which, by the way, is a decision i am still completely satisfied with :D. I have been a PS3 and PC only gamer. In turn, i relinquished games i was working my way through which were exlusive on Microsoft's system, i.e. Gears of War 2, Bioshock, Mass Effect -the only ones that actually matter-. I have since then managed to complete Gears 2 in one sitting over at the HOSER'S house, -thanks for a really great gaming day, man- BioShock, because it later came out on PS3, and now I am finally closing in on finishing the first act of the Mass Effect trilogy.

I say "finally" because once i made the decision to purchase ME on steam, downloaded and installed the game, I started one amazing experience. One where I have been completely mesmerized by dialogue and character development, the weight of my own decisions and actions, and the sheer enjoyment im getting out of owning some Geth. -an experience only minutely hampered by some issues with my onboard sound, involving setting some numbers straight in the .ini file and using software audio only. BUGS SUCK! I HOPE YOU FIXED THEM IN ME2!- This game was made for me. Top marks here, and im creeping close to the end. Bioware knows my heart and loves it, Seriously.... HEART

So, if you are reading this and have not had the pleasure of playing this series, do what i did, pick it up and PLAY IT! it is worth every penny.

Shepard out.


Finished. Absolutely amazing game. A true classic! I cannot wait to start into the sequel!

Uncharted Territory.... God I LOVE Puns!

I am finally playing Uncharted 2 now.... Walter.... don't stab me..... please.?! Wow, what i was missing! Fantastic game, ridiculous graphics, and this thing just screams excellence! I am on Chapter 16 right now, and we shall see, but im getting the feeling that this one will put this game series in the "Top 10" list for me.

My Top 10

seeing how i have not made a blog post in FOREVER.... My TOP 10 Video Games of 25 years on this earth:

1. Quake III Arena

2. Diablo II

3. Doom

4. Metal Gear Solid

5. Max Payne

6. Super Metroid

7. God of War

8. Resident Evil 2

9. Half-Life

10. Dead Space

I am probably forgetting so many.... Uncharted: Drake's Fortune just missed out.

Maybe some new games coming out this year or the next few might break into my list..... Who knows.

ethermay's 2008 Video Game awards!

Well, it's that time of year again. The year is coming to a close, the rabid shoppers are finally taking rest, and the general populace of turkeys nationwide can take a breather.

Just about every game-related site with some sort of credibility, OR NOT.... has their very own "GAME OF THE YEAR AWARDS" thrown out there, with forum discussions in the community over just how much those choices hit or miss each and every gamer's viewpoint.

Well, i'll be damned if i don't have a list! So without further adue:

Best First-Person Shooter: Left 4 Dead

Best Third-Person Shooter: Dead Space

Best Action/Adventure Game: Metal Gear Solid 4

Best RPG: Fallout 3

Best Music Game: Rock Band 2

Best Sports Game: Madden NFL 09

Best Strategy Game: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Best Story in a Video Game: Grand Theft Auto IV

Best Graphics in a Video Game: Left 4 Dead

Best Musical Score in a Video Game: Metal Gear Solid 4

Best Artistic Design in a Video Game: Metal Gear Solid 4

Best Sound Design in a Video Game: Left 4 Dead

Best New Online Game Community: Left 4 Dead

Game of the Year: Left 4 Dead / Metal Gear Solid 4 / Fallout 3 (im sorry, they are all too great to just choose one. i don't see how it's possible)

I'll close with saying that I think it's hilarious that i even have the audacity to even write this list... ROFFLES.

If you'd like to discuss my tastes, please pm me here on gamespot :) i like debates and arguements.

Brothers in Arms ON HOLD

Well, Dead Space is a better game, and i'm engulfed in it like a great movie. Story, Gameplay, Graphics, oh and some AWESOME weapon ideas. I'll get back to this stuff later. Yay Necromorphs!

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway PREVIEW

I am only 2 "REAL" missions into this game, and I am having a blast, especially since i am finally getting used to the "not so Call of Duty 4" control scheme. I don't know of another game in recent times which has given me as much reward as Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway for shooting someone in the head.... I am serious here. I don't think this will ever get old.

A couple of things get on my nerves about this game, however, they are only a couple. When commanding my teams, they sometimes jump out of obvious cover spots while making their way to a designated point, and in turn end up getting killed. This can be VERY frustrating when you are told to take out a bell tower with a bazooka, but the guy holding the bazooka is lying over on the other side of the wall you are pinned to dead. This may seem like a realistic war problem.... It would be realistic if i could run over and pick the bazooka up and do the job my self. However, NO DICE! This resulted in my trying to get a grenade way up into the bell tower, which took about 6 tries and took all of my grenades.... ANNOYING.

The chance for these problems are remote though. Most of the time, these problems don't arise, and i have to say the difficulty is hard enough to kill me and make me restart enough times, so that i get it into my fat head, to USE MY MAP. I will say it one more time, USE YOUR MAP to plan things out, or the heat of battle just pours on you and you are toast.

Two more things, One: Gore in war games is awesome. Especially when its as realistic as this. Two: Don't play the game on "Casual". Thats just for pansy Jerrys! Real men choose "Veteran"!

Countdown to Zombie Apocalypse

There is something to be said about a game that pulls my interest and never lets go. I am an erratic thinker with an A.D.D. psyche. I have a problem finishing games. Games that are long in length are going to be a challenge for me finish, unless they have an insatiable draw of mystery or a storyline that would put J.R.R. Tolkien to shame. Games for example, like that of Bioshock or Metal Gear Solid. I have always been drawn to the quicker, gory, grittier more violent games by nature. These games run along the lines of Quake 3 Arena, Max Payne or Condemned. I could go on and on about why i love this self-made Genre of video games, but i would be beating a gigantic dead horse.

Well people, it looks like you'll be begging me to put the lead pipe away and dragging me by my ankles away from the horse. I have found that new, gritty, quick, gory, violent game that is right up my alley. Welcome, Left 4 Dead.

Every single shred or spill of Media i have put my eyes, ears, and mind into informing me about this game, has only done one thing: feed my lust to play. Just the concept of plunging myself into an insanely stressful, edge of my seat, bloody, crowded, infestation of infected, while struggling to retain ammo and healing my downed friends, who must rely on me, and i on them, to survive; well it just sounds like a ridiculously great idea. I cannot tell you how many zombie movies i have watched where i have thought "i would have done that different", "Don't go there you moron!". I cannot tell you how many conversations i have shared with certain friends about how we would all team together and handle the zombie apocalypse together, and just how wed get through it, and just what gear we'd need. The topic is just too cool not to capitalize on, and it looks like Valve is doing just that.

The gameplay consists of you and apparently 3 other friends (as of what i've seen in PAX 2008 gameplay clips) playing as 4 survivors in multiple different types of current day environments, in the middle of a situation. These situations seem to range from making your way from city streets to the top of a skyscraper where a chopper is waiting to pick you up, to finding your way to a safe house where weapons and ammo are waiting to help gear you up for the next assault.

There seem to be many different ways to help each other along the way, like healing eachother with med packs, and giving eachother ammo, or providing covering fire for your friends to get away. Also, the levels seem to be random every time you play the game, so there will be no predictability as to where it is that the zombies are coming from next. The zombies (or infected; whichever you want to call it) look like they attack in groups of anywhere from 1, to 5, to 15, to even 50! It looks like we'll all be sweating bullets on this one, especially if someone on your team is hurt, which looks like it will effect everyone else, slowing you all down.

The developers seem to be emphasizing the facet or option of staying together and truly working as a team, which i LOVE. No more "i'm the man, i'll just go over here and completely own all these zombies while the rest of my team runs to the next checkpoint!" And for the console shooter lovers, there seem to be some cool innovations with the controls; like a mapped button specifically for turning 180 degrees, which is something which is much easier with a keyboard and mouse, and will surely help with the game's crazy-fast pace.

The last thing i want to touch on, is the fact that you are supposedly going to be able to play as the infected as well! I am excited to hear about this, seeing as they have such cool special units, like the "boomer" and the "smoker".

I'm hooked people, and i haven't even played it. I don't care how you get here November 20th, just get here.

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