About ermhm

Stardate whocares.whatever.1337:

Brocko Leeno A.K.A. Ermhm Uhm, son of Thyn Kalott, shouted 'Blast! What the deuce?' for the very first time. He was always eager to find new and original ways to avoid avoiding awkward situations. One day, after Loki turned his whole village into a bunch of angora rabbits, the widely disliked hero slapped the god to his death. Unfortunately, the demise of a truly eBil god gave birth to a space-time continuum vortex which ate up Mr. Uhm and (a few crunches later) spat him out on a station in the delta quadrant. There he spent years colliding hadrons, rubing the decks and boldly picking his nose where no man has picked before. Suddenly, a tough mofo materialized out of the blue & force-feeded him a bucket of red pills - thus the hero awakened in a strange land called Douseewutididthar. The natives accepted him as their own and threw a welcoming party which lasted for 120 years. At that time the universe imploded due to sheer awesomeness of their dance moves. Our pwnazor hero was once again sent to another dimension, weirder than any before. This is his ghost speaking