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    It's really a shame that you didn't score Skyrim in 2011 and GTA V in 2013 a solid 10. Both were amazing and corner stones in gaming (despite the technical issues in Skyrim).

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    Got the PSVR recently - this thing is quite incredible. You can't really get the impression of how it works by looking at web videos, the experience inside is much more impressive and thrilling than ...

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    Totally agree with Jess regarding micro transactions - Games with micro transactions are designed like a money milking cow. It feels like making users paying money during their gameplay is a primary d...

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    Don't understand how you could give Skyrim only a 9. When I played it back then I felt it was one of those milestones in gaming. Deducing an entire point for some very minor tech issues, most of which...

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    Watched this movie with the kids and we all enjoyed it. Many funny scenes, nice story, good graphics - this is an entertaining movie to watch, not sure why all the complaints in the review.