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I Came Back, But This Isn’t The GameSpot I Once Knew

I was shocked to learn GameSpot Unions were no more. I was several weeks too late. I couldn't take some screenshots for remembrance, I couldn't send one final telegram or publish one final article for the union I created when I was only twelve. I watched it grow from 20 to almost 2000 members, a few dozen forum posts to over 3500. I've made some missteps during my reign as leader of PS3FC, but I was proud of all that my officers (XVision, ChrisPperson, JasonDarksavior, and all the others) and I had done. I couldn't post one last goodbye post to thank them and all the members for all the good times (finishing in 2nd place for Union of the Year was probably the highlight). I really feel that GameSpot shouldn't have deleted all of them. Maybe the active ones should've been left alone.

That was October or November of last year. Now, I kind of appreciate many of the revisions GameSpot has done with the website. The look feels up to date. They've even ironed out some of the kinks from late last year when some pages didn't have the new look and the layout lacked that extra bit of polish. The website's simpler, easier to use; just plain more organized and focused than before.

This is a new account I made. I honestly didn't like my old username. A fresh start for a new, modernized GameSpot.