About enzoeleazar

A console/handheld gamer at heart, I've been gaming since I was three, starting with Sim Theme Park for the PS1. My high school days I spent abusing PS3 games, exploring every nook and cranny, discovering every easter egg and doing my fair share of speed runs. I eventually finished God of War III ten times and MGS4 with fifteen. My personal bests in those two games from what I can remember are 3 and a half hours and 7 hours, respectively. During my last year in high school and subsequent college years I spent much of my gaming time on the hugely underrated PSP. Persona 3 is definitely the best game I have played in my entire life, though Rome: Total War and MGS4 come in close. The PC looms over my teenage years, almost becoming a preferred system, just not rising above your typical free to play games and MOBAs. For former members of the GameSpot union PS3FC, you might recognize me as it's founder and leader 90% of the time, UTIxxx50 (gross name, I know). If you were an avid follower, you know what I mean when I say sorry for my eccentric behavior back then. I was a weird 13-year old, lol.