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**7 Minutes In Heaven With Lil Sonic**

The Super Sonic Friendly Award goes too (Drumroll) ConairVader !!!

"R.I.P sensei you will live in our hearts" ~ Lil Sonic aka minndak10 Connie ya were one of my first friends here at Tv.com and its hard to not have ya here cause ya one of the sweetest and kindest people i have evah met!!! Ya are missed greatly by us all!!!

In dedication to ConairVader we have dedicated a special song for her. Beast&Harlot Hope ya enjoy Connie since it is a Deidara fan vid!!!

Sonic Soda Time

In the real life never say your too slow or your friends will get annoyed then you will have to be running real fast away from them.

And also while opening Sonic Unleashed you should say"Let's go wild!"

Naruto is Connies fav anime especially since it has Deidara who belongs to her and only her!!! Thats somethin Naruto does bring, alot of different characters that so many can relate to and call thier very own!!! Naruto has 12 seasons of non stop action, humor, and drama, but it also has some movies under its belt and has the best music of any other anime out there!!! So be sure to check out cause it happens to be awesome!!!

Now this is the game to play if ya are a true Sonic Fan!!! Sonic~Unleashed

Well I luvz ya all!!!

*Licks* mmmmmm ya all taste like Clay Bombs!!! o.O

Except for Dark_Auror cause ya taste like a nice big slap!!! *slaps joo* >=3

A special thanx to Lil Sonic aka minndak10 !!! This bloggy wouldnt have been possible without ya and ya luv for ya sensei!!! *hugs* =3

TAG! Oh Noooo!!! *runs away* >=3

Ok, ya know how this part goes if yav been tagged so here goes it...

1. I like to eat pickles =X

2. I drink way too much soda =|

3. Im obsessed with Avenged Sevenfold =o

4. I have an evil side who is a duck (Quacky) =/

5. I have a Puppet who argues with me everyday >=(

6. I lick random people and objects (dont be a perv *slap*) >_>

7. I have been playin MGS4 since i gotz it and cant seem to stop!! =3

8. I have many fav colors but luv Blue more (all shades of blue) =)

9. I get some at least 5 to 6 times a week *muahahahaha* >=D

10. I eat nothin but junk and have a candy addiction ='(

So there! It wasnt half bad in fact kinda easy like i was talkin to a shrink or somethin!

*Licks Ya* mmmmmm

ya taste like my next addiction!!!

***Wheres Waldo***

Ya have probably noticed my absence and many others from this site and are asking where we are. Well if ya really want to know then i will link ya to the new site that we moved to. Drop by and say hi if ya want and have the best darn time of your lives!!! Ya can find us all at City Of Angels, a site made by a user of TV.com, SleepTight !!! We all thanx him for makin a site to where we can just be ourselves and talk all day and nite to one another! So if ya want to join the party then please by all means come in and hang with us there! Just click on the link below that i have provided and youre on ya way to havin some fun! I luv ya all and miss ya and cant wait to chat with ya all again!


click -> City Of Angels


***Friend Awards*** (part 1)

Ok the first batch of friends is from Sat Chat!!! If it wasnt for these people i wouldnt hardly be here anymore. These people i call friends are just the best i have ever met even if its through the web!!! Next batch will be the friends i have made when i first came to tv.com!!! So stay tuned for that blogy cause theres more that follows! I want to include everyone on my contacts list!

The Smexy Rage

bbntom55- What can i say she makes us go crazy with lust and well she just makes us crazy! :x But we luv it! :lol: Always blah blah blah Carlos blah blah blah students blah blah blah somethin! :lol: Yet there we are listenin to every freakin word :| cause we luv her crazy self! :D


gmvail23- Our luv Greta! :) If ya ever asked God who he gave the biggest heart to in this crazy world, he would answer "Duh! I gave it to Greta!" Tis true she is the best warm hearted persons i have ever met in my life! :oops:

The Smexy Smart Azz

HellOnEarth101- Omg if ya dun know kweenie seriously theres somethin wrong with ya! :lol: I had the pleasure to become friends with the smartest young gals alive! :o And let me tell ya her smartness goes further then her brain to her mouth >_> so becareful shes good at bein a smart azz! :lol:

The Smexy Wise One

Iphigenie72- The very witty and sweet france! ;) I luv her confidence! This truly is what ya would call a WOMAN! :P A smexy woman at that and always wise and always helpful not to mention open minded! I luv that i know ya france!

The Naughty Treat

marksvigil- The smexy and naughty mark! :twisted: So sweet and always there to shower us with ya luv and support! :D Ya truly have a great personality and are wonderful to chat with!

The Perv Of Hearts

MarWash- My #1 Hubby for a freakin reason! Hes awesome! I met this perv in the heroes forum and instantly thought to myself "what a perv" cause he had all these gals on his sig :roll: But when it came time to marry my smexy azz he was right there front and center and boy what a wedding it was! :lol: One truly honorable friend to have and hes mine! :twisted:

The Naughty Drunk

MovieMark17- My smexy M@rk! :oops: The one who has the most ladies droolin in sat chat and on here >_> not to mention hes the guy all the other guys wished they were! :o Well in my opinion anyways :P Ya my pervy drunk and i luv it! Cheers to us! ;)

The Smexiest Of All

noahcrash- Joey our sweet and wonderful Joey! :oops: If there was anyone i would rip my heart out for it would be ya so ya wouldnt have a broken one anymore! Ya are one of the best people here on tv.com and seein my list i have met alot but ya are the glue that stuck us all together! ;) Thanx ya for bein the best! :)

The Smexy Weird One

oba717- Lord help us we met the weirdest yet funniest and at times vainest of us all! :lol: Oba my slave and master ya truly bring a fire to a convo i mean literally a freakin fire! :lol: But some might not know the sweet side to ya and i have had the pleasure of seein it! :P

The Smexy Pain

SleepTight- JD where would we be without ya and Kweenie??? We would be bored on Saturdays! But thats not why i luv ya, and no its not cause ya have the best site ever either. I luv ya cause ya such a pain in the azz!!! Especially with debating on shows! :x But ya have great taste and ya have the kindest deepest hearts around! Oh ya and cause ya my smexy hubby no matter what # ya are! :P

The Smexy Ninja Luv

Spoonagain- Angel the ninja of hearts! :| May have sounded lame but hey tis true! There is no other like ya in this world! Ya make gals crazy for ya and guys crazier! >_> The most loyal and neutral people of all! Except when ya let ya sarcastic self come out then tis a different story :x but i luv it cause arguin with ya is ..... fun :o there i said it its fun whenever ya around!

The Super Smexy Sweet One

super_snotling- Leeeeeeeeeeee! :P I luv sayin ya name :oops: Ya truly have been such a delight to be around on sat chats :P even though ya like the 360 and i like the ps3 >_> what can i say our differences cant get in the way of our lust for eachother :lol:

The Smexy Real One

tv_addictt- Liv ya are one of the most real and down to earth gals i have met here on tv! Always has a good song to share and is the most level headed of us all and shes younger than us! :o Thats doesnt say much bout us >_> but hey thats why ya complete us! :)

Now again dun feel like i left ya out cause ya not left out i have everyone in their own groups and ya will all get ya shout out! ;) I luv ya all and this concludes the friend awards Part 1!!! Omg i forgot their award :lol:

For the friends mentioned in this blogy click below for ya gift! :twisted:

[spoiler] I freakin luv ya this much :lol: [/spoiler]

x_x ***Im Not Dead*** x_x

Seriously im not dead >_> just been busy and sick and well just plain Lynn >_> i will be back in action soon so dun worry though i know ya not worried >_> and know that i luv ya all and will try my best to be here more like i used to be!!! >_>

P.S. Friend awards comming soon! Yup i decided to give out shout outs to special friends and why i luv em so stay tuned cause ya will be mentioned!>_>

***7 Minutes In Heaven*** (12-17-07)

Welcome To My Weekly Blogy!!!


This weeks friend of the blogy is... (drumroll) .. minndak10!!! My lil sonic is one of my oldest friends here on TV.com. He is a very talented and hilarious friend. Get to know him and ya will see what i mean! Lil sonic ya have a heart of gold!

Now for the song of the blogy... (click tittle).. Breath


You better watch out You better not cry Better not pout I'm telling you why Santa Claus is coming to town He's making a list And checking it twice; Gonna find out Who's naughty and nice Santa Claus is coming to town!!!

The show of the blogy...

Yup im a Ghost Hunters fan! The series is awesome. Im not much for reality tv but when it comes to entitys then i am a huge fan! :lol: This is a must see reality show based on paranormal investigations! Not to mention they are plumbers by day! :P Who could pass that up? :D

Movie of the blogy...

Oh this movie needs no introduction! The best comic movie ever made by far! I cant wait for the sequal especially since the luv of my life (The Joker) will be appearing! :twisted: But if ya havent seen the first then ya truly missin out on greatness!!!

Smexy Gal of the blogy...

"Kelly Monoco"

Ya might catch this beauty on my fav soap 'General Hospital' or ya might know her from the first 'Dancing with the stars'. Either way shes gorgeous and i luv her character in GH cause it brought life to Jasons character.

Naughty Guy of the blogy...

"Steve Burton"

My fav character on GH. Hes also the voice of Cloud in FFVII Advent Children!!! I got to meet him at Soaps Weekend in Disneyworld and he was so hot in person! :oops: What more could a gal ask for with Steve around! :P


*Welcome To LynnLand*

Well i have been doin nothin but cleanin and decoratin the house up for my big Christmas Eve party! So much to do and the time is almost here! Ya might catch me on MSN from time to time or City but i havent been here much due to the fact that i dun have the time to blog as much right now. I got shoppin to do and wrappin of the gifts. So I appologize for not visitin ya blogys. Hopefully things will get easier soon!

Game of the blogy...

"Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games"

Now i havent played this game yet but Lil Sonic says its good and has been playin it non stop! So check it out! Have some fun!

Anime Corner...

"Sailor Saturn"

Hotaru is one of my fav characters in SailorMoon! Shes so young but bein the sailor scout of destruction is no joke!

"Be Warned"

Ya know i luv ya! *Licks Ya* mmmm

Ya taste like eggnog!!! :lol:

***Byez Old Friends***

Well as ya might have noticed i had to get rid of alot of contacts since some have been permanently banned or i dun talk to at all. This way it makes it easier for me to get to ya blogys and chat with ya more! So goodbyez old friends and in with the now and new!

Luv ya all!

*Licks Ya* mmmm ya taste like a new beginin with chocolate syrup :P

***7 Minutes in Heaven*** (12-3-07)

Welcome To My Weekly Blogy!!!


This weeks friend of the blogy goes to...(drumroll).. Raven1983!!!

Kat is truly a sweety! Shes always random yet adorable and is one of my fav peeps to talk to! If ya dun know her by now then ya need to cause ya truly missin out on a greatfriend to have! Kat ya truly have a heart of gold!

For the song of the blogy.... (click the title)... WelcomeToTheBlackParade


Well its winter and it may be snowing for some of ya. I learned from Sarina, tis not good to eat yellow snow! So dun cause tis bad for ya!

The show of the blogy is...

Now this is my all time fav show! I luved the action the storyline and the characters! The best d@mn luv story is in it as well! If ya ever want to watch the best scifi show ever than this is what ya been waitin for!

Movie of the blogy....

"Final Fantasy VII Advent Children" My fav movie of course seein as how tis my fav FF game! Tis movie was a completion to the on going saga which btw is the best storyline ever in Final Fantasy! Watch it!

Smexy Gal of the blogy...

"Claudia Black"

How could i not use her? Shes just so smexy! Not to mention the best actress in a show in my opinion! The gals gotz skillz as well as smex appeal!

Naughty Guy of the blogy...

"Ben Browder"

I luv him so much! My fav guy on a show not to mention hes the naughtiest of my dreams! Hes an amzin actor who makes ya feel his presence! Plus hes hot so thats a bonus! :P


*Welcome to LynnLand*

Tis that time of year to decotrate the home and tree! I havent gotten a tree yet :? but i will soon! :P Ive been busy and well a bit lazy! :lol: But i hope ya all have a good time with the christmas spirit!

Game of the week...

"Assassins Creed"

Oh ya! This game rox! I have played some of it and its addictin! Puppet recomended it to me and hes awesome for doin so cause i have had a great time with it by far!

Anime Corner

Anime character of the blogy...

"Sasuke Uchiha"

What can i say? Hes freakin awesome! One of my fav characters on Naruto not cause hes hot (which he is) but because his story is heart felt! Havin the Sharinganand masterin the Chidori Jutsu makes him awesome!

"Total Pwnage!"

Ya know I luv ya all! *Licks Ya* mmmm

Ya taste like Candy Canes! :P