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2009 From Worst To Best Better Late Than Never

I know this is late, but what the heck. Here are the geames I played to completion and reviewed In 2009

From Worst To Best

12. Outlaw Golf

11. Dead To Rights

10. Doom 3

09. Call Of Duty 2

08. Batman Vengence

07. Guitar Hero Aerosmith

06. Splinter Cell

05. Splinter Cell Double Agent

04. Resident Evil 0

03. Resident Evil ( Gamecube )

02. Bio Shock

01. Batman Arkham Asylum

Hell Is Other People

I have heard the phrase I used as the title of this blog before. I always feel it was aimed towards groups. You see, I hate groups of people. That is not to say I do not like crowds, but if you were to ask me if I do not like a certain group of people ( Black , White, Latine, Fat skinny, i) it doesn't matter which, I will tell you know I do not. However, I do like individuals. As individuals we are each unique, and interesting. Granted some are jerks This is where we have a problem. I have been going online with my X-box 360, for basically less than a year. I had it for awhile, but then lost the money to pay for it, so really, I am kind of a noob. So I ignorantly expected people to treat me as respectfully as I did them while playing games online. I have never been as insulted as I have been since joining games online. Some of the foulest language is coming from voices that sound younger than my daughter. She is a different story, and what happened to her is what prompted me to put this blog down. Her favorite game is Left For Dead, and she loves playing it online. yet because she is a girl, she often finds herself getting kicked out before a game begins. Or sometimes it is even worse. I recently had her block communications with a guy who told her her blood will run in the strrets because she is a c.nt, and he will make her his c.nt. This came from a grown man. I can only ask and encourage people to report this kind of thing, even if it iis between adults, so we can show the bastards who do it it will not be tolerated. Maybe then we can make the games online at least somewhat more pleasant.

2008 From Worst To Best

One good thing about Video games is the secondary market. Thanks to that, A best of the year list does not have to contain only games from that year. Here is a list of the games I played from worst to best of 2008. If I had a tie in score, I just asked myself "which one would I like to play again the most. For individual scores and reviews check out my review lists.

Superman Returns ( 2.5 )

Predator ( 4.0 )

All Star Football 2K8 ( 5.0 )

Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge Of The Sith ( 5.0 )

Leisure Suit Larry : Magna Cum Luade (5.5 )

The Matrix : Path Of Neo ( 6.0 )

Dark Summit ( 6.5 )

Spiderman The Movie ( 6.5 )

Tetris Worlds ( 6.5 )

Burnout 3 : Paradise ( 7.5 )

Lord Of The Rings : The Two Towers ( 7.5 )

24 The Game ( 7.5 )

MVP Baseball 2004 ( 8.0 )

Pirates Of The Carribean : At Worlds End ( 8.0 )

Capcom Classics (8.0 )

Lost Planet Extreme Conditions ( 8.0 )

Lord Of The Rings : Return Of The King ( 8.5 )

Virtua Fighter 5 ( 8.5 )

Final Fantasy X ( 8.5 )

Psi Ops : The Mindgate Conspiracy ( 8.5 )

Onimusha 3 : The Demon Seige ( 8.5 )

Onimusha 2 : Samuris Destiny ( 9.0 )

Call Of Duty 3 ( 9.0 )

Marvel Universe Ultimate Alliance ( 9.0 )

Onimusha : Warlords ( 9.5 )

Resistance The Fall Of Man ( 10 )

That is all the games I played to the end and reviewed last Year. Looking at it now. Well I would definitely play 24 again before I picked up the baseball game. Otherwise, I can stand by my ratings quite happily.

Merry Christmas

This years Christmas List consists of Mortal Kombat versus DC Resistance Fall Of Man 2 Metal Gear 4 Soul Caliber 4 Star Wars Force Unleashed Little Big Planet I know I will get none of these. I love my wife to death, but sometimes I feel that way is just not quick enough. ( think about it ) It took me a few years just to break her of her "Practical Gift" mind set. " Honey, if I need socks, I will go out and buy them," Still, I can not wait to see what i do get. I do not mind really. I have gotten used to it a bit. Plus I never really do know what I am going to get. Except from my paerents. They always give me a shopping spree on Amazon God Bless Them

2 for 1

I am a slave to the 2 for 1 sale at Gamestop. Or is it EB, I am confused about that. I had no plans to spend any money on games this week. Or for a long while. I mentioned in my last blog, I have many unfinished games, and I feel silly buying new ones when I haven't even made a small dent in most of the ones I had. Yet here I am, about to have a week where I will have lunches made from cups o soup, and probably on Thursday I will pray that my gas will get me home, all because of that big beautiful yet very seductive banner that sometimes flies over the door of the neighborhood game store. Of course this time they made it a two day I just had to get eerything over the last two days. I guess it would be easy enough to talk with the missuss about replenishing the coffers so to speak, yet how do I explain that even though I have more than enough unplayed games to last me a year I still had to get Assassins Creed? Oh well, these are the troubles we game geeks have. Then we have no troubles at all.

Unplayed Games

I remember reading somewhere that your average gamer only playes about 10 % of the games they buy all the way through. Frankly I found that ridiculous. I have played all the way through plenty of my... then I decided to go to the game cabinet to see. Surely I am not such a spend thrift that I would waste money buying games when I have plenty before me to finish out? Oh surely I am. I have games I bought a couple of years ago, almost always used, at some sale or another. Played once to see if it worked, and then never put back into the machine. I have tried to keep the spending down, but I know when I see that buy 2 get 1 free sale at gamestop, I will ignore the fact that I have over 30 games still screaming for my attention. Plenty of princesses to rescue or pennants to be one, and I will buy another 9 or 12. Still I am trying to complete the ones I have, even if Sam Fisher is yelling at me to play through his adventures one more time. Or if I am not sure I have totally memorised all of Resident evil . The good thing I guess, and what I will focus on, is that there will always be another one to play. An ending I have yet to see. Now if I can stop wasting my time on the Lost Planet Demo at X-Box live. Gamertag, Englentine