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Brute Fight!


Just a bit of fun really. Click the link to join the website, create a brute and fight to the death with other brutes trying to earn bonus weapons and perks. Good time killer for 10 minutes a day I tell ya!

If you use the link above to make a brute you will gain some exp boost :D

Happy crapping guys...and pass the link on!

xmas, new year and all that b0ll0x

well hope you guys all had a good xmas, mine was hard work ha. 4 hours of cooking time, 10 minutes of eating and 2 hours of cleaning up. oh the joys of being a designated chef. i think im going to hivernate through new year and awake around the 5th of jan ready for work again.

might finish fallout once more tonight with a different type character, only choices i have left is unarmed business woman :/

new year cheer to you all etc

new bits and bobs

after fixing a massive hardware problem with my system I decided to treat myself to a Logitech Wave Pro bundle with Steelpad, I lurve it :)


Also started to dig into Fallout 3, still not as good as oblivion though is it :(


it's 1am, i cant be bothered to finish the last level of black and white 2, pes2009 is getting on my nerves and i have football tommorow so i'm going to bed

hooray for pointless blogs :D