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@goldenelementxl said:
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- L/R control your balance while walking and you can trip on things

- You have to balance the cargo on your back (think tetris)

- Your cargo can be damaged by multiple things in the environment

- There is a button to "catch your breath"

- There are menus on menus on menus

- You earn "likes" along your travels

- Bodily waste is all collected and used as weapons. Bloody pee is really rare

Konami was right...

He looses me on the baby in the pod management and the bodily fluids crap (weirdo). Everything else could have been fine. Not interested but I sure as hell would like to see how things get further into the game.

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I don't know if I can say I saw it coming or not. Here is what I think the market went. Lets face it the doom and gloom of console market is sort of real. Or maybe I should say the lack of growth like other markets is real. Yes everyone wants to grow including sony. The problem is some made the mistake of rushing to build levies and trip on themselves early on.

On the publisher side the Japanese publishers failed. they struggled to just go on a hybrid approach. Good to see them recovering. DMC can sell like dmc while Monster Hunter does its thing. Since when has DMC ever sold 10 million copies. It is what it is embrace it. Smartly position it and let creators entertain some people.

MS was actually right but as i said it wasn't the time. They ended up tripping all over the place. The vision wasn't even clear. Coming of 360 I did not think they would fumble so badly.

Lets face it nintendo kinda cocked up but then fused to be come an even greater Nintendo. There some other things particularly mobile that were threatening them. They needed to pay attention and embrace it all.

Sony went the hybrid approach. They money hatted king maker COD hell maybe the entire activation catalog. Whatever other 3rd party wanted to try and still not happy with this gen sony benefited from there strong position. So much so that they whiff on some other potential killer things. They recently took over Evo despite really not having a real first party title. Very strong e sport presence yet the only title is GTS. Internally they got rid all the other failures and focus on the same thing they do best. The thing that 3rd party struggled with. Yes for the attach rate bullshit that people are throwing around here. There games have never sold better. So much so none of the 3rd party can really match on similar type of games. So yeah a bunch of your single player franchise died while sony entered that space. And no Nintendo despite being exclusives masters there competition is actually xbox at this point. Overall they have enjoyed the strongest software performance. So much so that online alone beats there competition without them doing dog shit.

In the end though we learned that change or the merging of different service is coming. MS was right. The problem is it wasn't the right time to mumble around. The lesson learned is to provide a strong vision providing choices. Actually sony is stand to loose a lot of share on stronger MS unless they can grow the market together. They have relized they have to push services in a serious way to grow. Cant hide behind the user base anymore when things like cross play exist.

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@Archangel3371 said:

Of course not. It’ll be GotY nominee because other people voted for it. I think the game looks great and very intriguing myself and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Kojima’s other works so I have high hopes for this one.

Right now though my GotY is probably Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Why are you always the sane poster around these parts.

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I thought the video was good. It looked strange early on for MS for me. I think they geared up for this kinda of business from the beginning then changed course. Almost all there games used that similar card system ready to go lol. It also made sense for the position they were in.

The title is click bait as the video is was wishing that MS was like the other two. Hoping somehow the biz would have simmer down on this stuff. Also acknowledging mobile role and shit would have fallen regardless. MS also has become the friendliest company right now so consumer pressure always effects the manufactures first.

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@sts106mat said:
@Mozelleple112 said:

@uninspiredcup: no most people consider MGS4 as one of the greatest games ever made


Hideous Kojima is an overrated doofus

From gamespots latest article

Kojima doesn't care if we understand what he's going for with Death Stranding when we finally get to play it for ourselves. That, he says, could take years to make sense to some of us.

Translation - Kojima is talking a load of bollocks and even he doesn't know what he is on about.

To be fair that whole interview was pretentious af. I have to say though the explanation about how people may not understand the game at first and that's ok to him does not come out as bad as your explanation here.

Its easy to see why people hate the dude. Very cringy by the interviewer playing dumb about the so called creating a new genre shit he's been parading around. Pretending that hes doing something new online when games have already done it. Instead of asking if people will copy that, why not ask if he took inspiration from games like Souls or Journey for the online stuff. Why are jurnos playing dumb.

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Realistically maybe a bump in performance standards for all devices. Wishful thinking It would be cool to see a change in studio structure. AAA studios should collaborate with indie or small special creators out there. They should be like a resource hub where indie devs with new ideas or particular expertise get contracts to fully utilize the resources to bring there ideas to life in a AAA way if you will. At worst maybe more colabs from Yoko Taro X Platnum (as we have seen the difference in Nier games) to maybe even ND X Platnum. Since its hard not to follow same o same o structures how about a combination of talent.

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@Pedro said:

Gameplay in a game shouldn't be a rare sighting. People shouldn't be trying to figure out what you do in your game after 3 years or a few months from release. A 48 minute video is not required to show core gameplay elements. The hate this game is receiving has less to do about Sony, Kojima, graphics etc and more to do with the actual game. Believe it or not, people still like playing games.

Generally that is true but love hate in SW can be all of the above. Subtract Sony, Xbox, Nintendo and any other so called acclaimed creators they choose to tout. Sit back and watch the factions shift. On the real, the question should be what the **** is gameplay to people and is it good or bad. Lets be honest what was shawn you obviously going to be playing. Its up to you to decide if the loop is boring or not.

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@subspecies I would say part of the hate justifiable is the whole hype around the guy and the way he embraces it. Not very humble in a sense. The game is not really new. Its really hard to claim something new when it comes to games. Different style and context. The vibe of the game is very similar to a lot of indie games. These explore collect and build shit games. Games like Astroneer for example. I'm sure there are things they are not showing but so far some aspect are like "this game that game type a thing". You know people can say things like "oh that's just like the souls game" etc. However extensive the elements are. The big difference here is its going to be wrapped around Kojima cinematic story telling and his past work. Being humble will be not to proclaim your creating a new genre. The funny thing is actually the game can be very interesting. Bringing that type experience to the masses and see if they like it is not a bad thing.

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Actually the open world and the social stuff is very appealing. Its the kinda of open world that I can get in to. The stuff that made MGS5 game play good. BTOW was plain and basic link whatever pause hit combat actually suck. That "Hiyaaaaaa" shit sucks. Its the dynamic things around that makes it great for me.

Nothing wrong with something of similar but different. Nothing wrong with an open world delivery game as long as the gameplay is systemic enough to fool around. I mean folks play lots of the indie travel gather materials make shit games all the time.

The issue for me is umm let met try to put it this way. It is becoming like that one star ocean game with the lil girl. I use to love Star Ocean but that became too weird for me lol. Here its getting to be a bit too much for me. The bb, private room, feet and walking balance management shit is too much. Not the kinda game play I m interested in.