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It looks like I'm the first one to bring this up, but I coudln't find any answer anywhere on the internet, perhaps someone here can help me understand. Aren't Detroit, Beyond and Heavy Rain supposed to be Playstation exclusives? Sony funded and published these games, how can they just be released on competing platforms such as PC? It's been hardly a year since Detroit's release, and it had the 'Only on Playstation' tag on it, how can it go multi-plat like that?

I'm a PS fanboy but I'm not a miser, I'm actually glad more fellow gamers across the community can play these games (QD's best game Fahrenheit was also multi-plat), but this raises the question whether Sony can keep any exclusives for Playstation. No Man's Sky also came out on PC in a year's time, and any ten-year old child can tell Death Stranding is also coming to PC.

Judging by Sony's ineptitude and incompetence in keeping exclusives, I can't see why Naughty Dog or Santa Monica Studio won't go rogue and release their ace games on competing platforms.

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I believe hermits have been silently on suicide watch for quite a few years already. And even if this happens, hermit swarms will still be around, cursing and swearing like they always do (as if they ever knew anything else to do), saying PC is best because they can play Portal 2 or PUBG at high graphics. It's not like they'll ever be quiet.

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25 but I guess very few of those years were joyful :'(

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Brothers it's probably a 100 hour game, don't be quick to judge.'

That said, the movement controls, checkpoints and most of the surprise gun fights are super annoying. Some story events and missions also defy common sense (like one man standing against an entire army, or invading and mascaraing a family living in the woods, for a humble $100.)

It was a good game but not great.

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@davillain- said:

Not even gonna bother with the Demo. I wanna go in fresh and I already know what I'm getting at this RE2 remake since I did play the original 20 year ago.


And this game is gonna shake the industry, even more than the original RE remake a few years back. I can already feel the tremor coming!

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@ni6htmare01 said:

Syphon Filter

On a side note, this thread really takes me back. Why did I grow up.

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I agree with all the games my brothers mentioned already: Horizon indeed conveyed the feeling of a futuristic-primal world where today's civilization had been long eradicated and forgotten, Read Dead Redemption (both of them) perfectly delivered the American frontier, GTA series (all of them) were living worlds, etc.

However something really felt different about The Witcher 3. It was a truly thriving, lived-in medieval universe, where even random NPCs had unique lives and tales of their own. I think it will be quite some time before any game matches the standards of TW3.

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2018 was void of anything remarkable for me, perhaps the only thing partially worth mentioning is my graduation in MSc, which could've and should've ended better. But video games made up for it, a little at least. Favorite games of the year were, as you'd guess, God of War and Red Dead Redemption2.

God of Was specifically told a comeback story which can inspire your everyday life: Even if you are a monster, carrying a big backpack of sins, guilt, regrets and sorrow, you can still make a comeback to a better version of yourself.

RDR told another inspiring story (spoilers ahead): Assume that you're dying, your time is coming to a close. How would you live the little time you have left? Would you continue your greed for money? Would you still fight and squash other lives for as little as a few bucks? Or would you act differently, help as many people as you could, be generous, be forgiving? What different path would you choose, if you knew your time was coming to an end? Newsflash: Fast or slowly, we're all dying, even if we don't have a fatal disease, so why wouldn't we take that different path just about now?

The ideas planted by these games (and those previously planted by the Witcher and Last of Us) shall stay with me till the end of my days.

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@jcrame10 said:
@elkoldo said:
@boycie said:

@elkoldo: pretty sure the dev doesn’t get 100% of that 60.

Are you saying that Sony is somehow usurping QD?

Sony is the publisher meaning they pay the bills to get the game funded. They pay for development costs, resources, technology plus the marketing and distribution. The manufacturing of the game box and blu ray discs. There a lot of costs that go into developing the game and manufacturing the final product. Independent developers like Quantic Dream and Insomniac Games are probably under contract for a lump sum plus some sort of small incentive based on the units the game sells.

Still I can't digest why they wouldn't profit from it. If that was the case, they mustn't have profited from Beyond, Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit as well. And those games were released in a time when video gaming wasn't quite as widespread as today.

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@boycie: I see.