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No more problem?

I don't know what EA did but now I only get the error in half of the servers I go on so I've just favourited 4 servers and stick to them ;) problem solved for now

PunkBuster strikes again!

BIG SUPRISE! PunkBuster has caused YET ANOTHER problem.

This time it's Battlefiled: Bad Company 2

I run Windows 7 on a 64bit machine BUT punkbuster doesn't support 64bit, FANTASTIC.

So I've wasted £35 basicly because the campaign wont keep me entertained forever and my online is now buggered because punkbuster will kick me from each game seconds from joining because it can't initialise apparantly. Oh the retardedness Punkbuster brings to your gaming experience. THANKS EVENBALANCE!

p0rtal: Prelude

I completely love the game p0rtal so I decided to see if there were any mods, I found p0rtal: Prelude. I NOW LOVE p0rtal EVEN MORE!!!

p0rtal: Prelude has got to be the best mod made for any game ever. It's the unofficial prequal to p0rtal and is so well done. Of course it has bugs since it wasn't made by a profesional game company but it's still kickass. If you have p0rtal go get this mod or your p0rtal life is not complete :D

The cake isn't a lie! This is the party room you go into when you finish the test! Yes there's a real party with cake and you actualy finish the test instead of being incinerated!

The cake isn't a lie! -Party room you go into when you finish the test-

Fixed it :)

After A MASSIVE amount of time I have finaly fixed my problem :D

I only had to lower textures to low in Setting =/

Battlefield 2142, punkbuster and, of course, Vista

Vista and punkbuster seem to hate each other and are at war and Battlefield 2142 is caught in the middle of it all, lol. I try to play 2142, will Punkbuster let me? NO. It kicks me from games, crashes battlefield, kicks me from games, causes other problems on my comp, kicks me from games. You get the idea. I remember the good old days, running xp, 2142 fine as could be, no crashes, no resource lock ups causing me to press the computer's dam restart button >_> Problem is, I don't think punkbuster has been updated properly for Vista, or the other way round, Vista isn't compatible with PB. Which ever it is IT'S A PAIN IN THE F**KING ASS AND IT NEEDS SORTING.