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Well, the holidays are coming to an end and the new year is about to begin. It's been quite a good year for me, had it's ups n' downs, but overall it's been pretty good, and I hope the same for you all. If not, here's to a better new year for eveeryone!

Since everyone is mentioning what they got for Christmas in their blogs, I guess I will too

- $220 in gift certificates

- Winter clothes

- Tales of Monkey Island for the PC

- A new dresser

My brother got me a bottle of premium vodka. He's also a bit of a comedian and he got me another gift that I probably shouldn't mention here. All I'll say, is that it was embarrising to open in front of my grandmother.

All in all, it was a good Christmas, but I'm glad it's over. I spent a lot of time driving people around, calling people, setting up decorations, cooking, baking etc. I dropped nearly 1K this christmas. Definatly the most I ever spent on a holiday. I'll probably drop another couple hundred on new years, but at least I can park my fat ass on a bar stool and not worry about a damn thing.

Speaking of new years, I'm going back home to celebrate it. I'll be leaving tomorrow morning, so I'll talk to you all in the new year!


It's ****

New Moon...what a pile this one was. Dear god it was absolutely brutal to sit through, but I forced myself to for two reasons: 1. there were half-naked boys on screen half the time 2. I needed to try and get this movie, to understand why it does so well in the box office, why young teenage girls go into a near orgasmic state when they watch this movie (other than reason #1). Well, let's try and wrap our brains around this inexplicable cultural phenomenon, shall we?

OK. We have our main characters, the couple known as Bella and Edward. For some reason, young Twilight fans really look up to Bella. What is she like? Well, she is desperate, needy, manipulative, untruthful, and useless without a man. What a role model! As for Edward, he seems harmless enough at first. He's enigmatic, mysterious, quotes Shakespeare...the clas$ic vampire romantic. However, we soon find out that the dude is physically abusive. Yay! At one point in the movie, he takes Bella to the woods, and then just abandons her, taking off at vampiric speed. Of course, Bella, being the clingy piece of baggage that she is, starts franticly running around the woods looking for him. Edward also has a very constipated look on his face, and he's always PMS'ing about "having no soul"...or a "damned soul" or some **** like that. I don't know. I saw this movie less than a week ago, and already I've lost the plot.

Another major character is Jacob. He's actually a pretty cool guy. He's funny, charming, nice, and has a pair of pecks that look like baked hams. He also has a thing for Bella. Bella of course just uses the guy. Get's him to help her move stuff, fix a motorcycle, etc. And he still doesn't get in her pants. Bella is still attached to that evasive, abusive, emotionally distant douche bag, Edward.

Stephanie Meyer is friggin' insane.

Dunno what else to day, other than "don't see this movie". There is unintentional humour in it, as well as gratuitous PG-13 male nudity, but that is nowhere near worth the $12.50 I paid to see this movie.

Worst part of the movie: Probably the writing. The main characters have absolutely no redeeming qualities about them. They are horrible people that you're supposed to sympathize with.

Best part of the movie: When I was walking out of the theatre, a couple of dudes in a car drove past a group of Twilight fangirls, and threw an empty soda can at one of their heads. LOL.

So there ya go. The movie blows, and there is at least two more.

New stuff!

let's throw on a song shall we. Here ya go. Old school 8)

First, new sig


Not bad for a person whose artistic abilities are just screwing around with the Photobucket/shop editing tools:P (Had to edit it a bit to make it fit)

Second, a new guitar


It's an Epiphone SG Custom. I had a Les Paul for nearly four years. Anyone who knows Les Pauls knows that they weight a ton, and they are fairly big, but they sound like heaven. The SG sounds almost as good as the Les Paul (after I put the custom pick-ups in), it didn't cost me an arm and a leg, and it's not going to make me a hunchback.

Last, but not least, an N64


I got a good deal when I picked this one up. Just $18 at value village. I bought a used copy of Zelda: OOT online, considering the users on the Legacy board gush about it being TEH BEST GAME EVAR!!1 It only has one controller, but I only have a single player game. Feel free to leave any suggestions for games to get!

So how am I? Alright...I guess. I'm not depressed or anything, but I just don't have much free time on my hands. I'm not really having too much of that college fun. Two years ago, I would've loved to be this busy, but now, I just wanna chill. I'm going to ask my employer to see if I can work three days a week instead of four. I make more than I need, so it's not nessesary to work so much.

Thanks for reading, kids. Take care.