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PSN Country/Region Registration

Hello Everyone,

I know this is an old/repetitive subject but I was searching through everywhere and couldn't find an answer for the question below.

If I live in a country with no PSN store what should I do (legally) to play digital games?

Many have answered create a false address in a country with PSN store and at the same time it's against Sony's T&C.

I want your thoughts about this, like Sony is getting money when we create PSN account anywhere and buy contents legally, they are getting what they want and we get what we want, however, providing true name, age and other personal info excluding where I want to build my house and provide an address for it is not a crime and not worth getting someones account banned after buying and wasting money on many digital contents.

In addition to that, having multiple accounts with different countries, if I can manage to spend money on prepaid cards and buy contents legally then why would i get banned for that.

I searched all over internet for this question to be answered by Sony but they stick to that boring statement (false registration).

Note: I was never banned for that but we would expect something like that since its still against their T&C. (no need to answer why to worry if i never got banned, because you would expect that any time).