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Black Legion( ) is an active guild that feels like a home for our members. We are all gamers at our very core, and strive to do our very best in all of the games we have played over the years. We are currently preparing to play in FFXIV and are looking for cool people to join us. We have played many games in the past as a guild such as World of Warcraft, Everquest 2, Lord of the Rings Online, TERA, Guild Wars 2, SWTOR, Rift, Warhammer Online, and Age of Wushu. Black Legion is recruiting members who are active and want to group with their guildies often. There is no point in joining a guild if you are going to play solo all the time. We want to meet you, get to know you, and have great times with each and every one of you. Many of us have met in real life, or have been gaming together going on 10 years. We care more about the person behind the character than any skills you may have. We focus on who you are as a person, and if you will mesh well with our current members. We have many couples that are Black Legion members, and all of our members are 18 and older. Most of us are working adults, some with children. In Black Legion, we understand that gaming is a hobby, and we treat it as such. Our members are never told they must be online at such and such time, or have a requirement on how much you play the game. If you are enjoying yourself and the people you play with, you will be online as much as you can. We know you have a life outside of Black Legion and expect you to take care of that life. Work, school, and family always come first. Be Social You join a guild to be a part of something bigger, to get help and have someone to play with. Why join a guild if you are going to solo everything and remain silent. We are looking for social people. We want to talk with you. We want to bullshit and have fun. We even have events where we drink beer together and game (21 and older). So hop on our TS3 server and jump in the conversationthey are quite amusing I assure you. I must warn you however, chat in Black Legion can and will be perverse or raunchy at times. We tell fart jokes, we cuss and have a propensity for the perverse. If you wear your feelings on your sleeves or consider yourself politically correct, Black Legion probably isnt the place for you. However, if you can take jokes as well as give them and bullshit with the best of them, you have found a good home. Expectations As promised, members of the Black Legion will not be shackled by a litany of laws that shall hamper morale, the earning of a fair wage, or the spilling of scallywag blood. 1. Do not be a douche! (This rule is all encompassing, if you dont understand it, you probably shouldn't be here.) 2. Be at least 18 or older. That is it. We do not tolerate drama of any sort and you will be removed from the guild for acting like an idiot. - Server: Leviathan - Website: - Facebook: What We Offer A Nine-Year Established History of Achievement Mature Players Quality Over Quantity Relaxed Environment TS3 Server Website Facebook Beer Fart Jokes Black Legion has traditionally been a mercenary guild, where other players actually pay us in game currency to perform hits on other people. Here is a video of some guild leader assassinations. Check out our website for more info!!! Thanks for your time! Tojo