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All work and no play . . .

So I have once again racked up another 40+ hour work week and have had time for little else but eat, sleep, & work some more.

They recently announced that a RTS based on Bungies FPS game Halo will be released some time in the near future. I told the new info to a few friends of mine that hate RTS titles but love Halo and now all-of-a-sudden they are RTS fanboys.

I think I would enjoy it but we'll see how this one pans out.

Im still waiting on a few choice games like Bioshock and Mass Effect. My favorite games are of the FPS/RPG hybrid persuasion. The new Bioshock movie has gotten me even more motivated, and made me relaod and play through System Shock again ( for like the 100th time ).

Whos your Daddy ?

Fun. fun. fun

11 hours into this game and Im very pleased that I took a gamble and purchased it before reading reviews. Im anxious to finish it but I need to sleep, and tomarrow I work all day. Hurry up weekend !

Enchanted Arms

I purchased Enchanted Arms today, and I've been playing it for a couple hours. Its very different from other RPG titles, but still has the same feel. Im enjoying it alot, and theres a pretty large story. I will look forward to reviewing it.

Birth, death, and a level.

Atomic Punk for gameboy. Bomberman-esque. Yesturday was my birthday. It was also the day my parent's dog died. I usually get a phone call from my mother asking me if I feel any older. This year she called me tell me how Fantasia ( the dog ) was acting weird. They took it to the vet and found out it had cancer in the stomach. It was too big to do anything about, and Fantasia was too old ( 15 ) to help, so they had to put it too sleep. My father cried. It was a bad day to turn 25.

Hope my webcam still works

Today im going to go through old boxes so I can try to find my old web cam I used to chat with like 4 years ago. I hope it still works so I can post a pic for the Union forum. I also have to take my puppy to training class and then to get groomed. I should post a pic of him, if he will sit still.

Hes baaaaaack.

Kane, one of the most iconic villians in gaming history has made his next gen return in the form of C&C Tiberium Wars. He is one of those evil characters that you love to hate.


Warhammer 40k

I cant wait for the new expansion for Dawn of War. Im going to re-install and play through the old campaigns of DoW and Winter Assault so im caught up for the new release.

I cant wait to bring the might of the Necro down on some unsuspecting Orks.

Halo Movie.

Is anyone excited about the Halo movie announcement ? Is anyone angry that Peter Jackson decided to hand off the first chair to an almost unknown Director ?

I think that a fabricated latex Master Chief will be a joke. But if they pull it off, it could mean the creation of one of the biggest cult followings ever. I think they would make a trilogy out of it just like the games. Just think about it; Halo 3: The Movie: Master Chief's revenge.


Does anyone know why userbars are down ? My signature isnt showing up and neither is anyone elses that use userbars. I cant even pull up th web page.
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