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Hey guys what's up? Not much here going on, just wanted to give a little update on my current state of gaming. Currently I'm back to the new gen consoles, playing a PS3 again. I've got alot of cool games for it, so many great games out now. I haven't had one since about 2007-2008 or so. But I'm really enjoying playing it again, although don't have much time, been too busy working lol. Just wanted to share this update and let everyone know what was up! Thanks.

mafia wars

About the only game I'm currently really playing is Mafia Wars on FB. If you guys want to add me to your list, just let me know!!

no more games for me!!

I haven't updated in a really long ass time. But guys here's the rundown.... I had to get rid of all my games and systems and sell them for $$$ because I got laid off from work and been broke for about a year now. So only games I now play is Frontierville and Farmville on FB, great haha. If anyone else is on FB and would like to add me just send me a message and we can become neighbors or something lol. Take it easy guys!


Hey Gamespotters whats been up!? Not much here. Just gaming it up to the old days. I now play my N64 and Dreamcast 100%. I got rid of all my current gen games and systems. Infact the only game I have from the most recent to current gen of games is Shenmue 2 for the Xbox! But I got rid of the Xboxtoo lol. I'm probabily going to get an Xbox again just to be able to play it. I want to get a PS2/Xbox/Gamecube again and then get a PS3 and maybe a Wii. I really liked the 360 though. Well take it easy!

My Ninja!

I made a Ninja on UO. I upgraded my account with the 9th Anny box yesterday and now I have access to all the games content. I like this Ninja because I can shapeshift into different animal forms and they all have a different outcome on battle or stealth. Trying to decided if I want a dungeon runner Ninja or a theif one. Not really sure, but been having fun playing. My charcter is a Elf is on the Lake Austin shard. My name I decided on was Ausoucis. So if you ever want to adventure through the game look me up sometime. See yas!

I'm back online!

I made a hasty move today and sold my 360 and my games and got the cricket modem! It feels great to be back in cyberspace and to be returning to my wonderful world of Ultima Online!!! I'm definatly excited. I hated to see my 360 go but I really wasn't playing it much anymore and once I got UO I was never going to have anytime to play it anyways. I have to catch up on everyones blogs and see what has been going down. Talk toyou soon I'm OUT!!!!

My return is upon us........!

I am planning to return to the wonderful world of the internet here in the coming month of June. I am shooting to get internet from Crickett Wireless in about mid-June. I am very excited to get back and start blogging it up here on Gamespot. I know Cricket doesn't have the best internet avaible but it is affordable for what I can afford. Once I do get Internet again I plan to start playing my all time fav MMORPG Ultima Online and bring back justice and humility back to UO. I can't wait to get started on it again as I am already writing down my possible character skills and all that jazz. So I have a month and a half to go and I will be back on here and bigger better and larger than ever. Well probabily not all those things but it sure does sound good! haha till we meet again Gamespot I bid you a very warm farewell...... AND I'M OUT!!!

Best $40 I ever spent in my life!!

So I checked into Gamestop the other day and I seen they had Guitar Hero: Aerosmith for the 360 on sale for $10! And come to find out it came with the old wired guitar both new in the boxes. So I got the game and the guitar for $10. I was pretty excited to find that great deal. But then I went to Best Buy and I snatched up Rock Revolution for only $30!!! It was on sell from the $60 price tag. And it came complete in the box with the drums. I knew Gamespot gave it a horrible review, but I wasn't hesitant at all about getting this game. It has alot of songs I like and I prefer playing the drums on this to Rockband or World Tour anyday!! The game is pretty hard, but I would rather havea high learning curve of a game than one that is too simple and easy for me. I'm not knocking any of the music games out there, but this is one of my favs to play because I love the songs on it and its just a blast to play for me. Gamespot wouldn't let me add it to my collection but it only could be added to my wish list for some reason. I've been playing it non stop since last night. Over at my moms visiting again so I figured I'd drop in and say whats up gamespot!! I'm out......!

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