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This is why I do not play WoW

I’ve been working some crazy hours since last Monday. A friend / coworker of mine is playing manager on call this weekend. In practical terms he’s the guy my coworkers and I call when stuff hits the fan. It is not so much because he’s playing manager, but because come Monday morning someone needs to know why stuff hit the fan on the weekend to explain it to the non technical folks who work humane hours. Anyway some stuff hit the fan. I was in the general vicinity. So I called him early in the morning when I was at work this past weekend. Here is a transcript:

*phone rings*

Mgr Buddy: Hello?

duxup: Hey dude what’s up?

Mgr Buddy: duxup? What time is it?

duxup: 4:30 am

Mgr Buddy: What is it?

duxup: Some stuff happened, bla bla bla.

Mgr Buddy: Why the **** are you calling me at 4:30 AM about this? You could have called me in the afternoon later today or tomorrow man!

duxup: Dude, we both know you weren’t sleeping. You’re up playing WoW.

Mgr Buddy: Yeah… I am … Hey can you check if John is working this weekend? I need to ask him a question about something.

duxup: About WoW?

Mgr Buddy: … yeah.

duxup: He’s in his cube playing WoW. I’ll go get him.