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Just one of those games

I am not what I would call a great CoD4 player but I play it quite often. I'm happy that most of the time I kill more than I'm killed. Anyway I recently maxed out at level 55 again allowing me the opportunity to go to prestige level 2. I was between games and thought "oh sure let's do that again." So a new domination game fired up and since at level 1 you have to pick one of the premade classes I chose the package with the SAW.

Then I had one of those games where it seemed everyone was just begging to jump into my line of fire. Run down a street and a group of guys pile out in front of me and I'd mow them all down. UAVs, Airstrikes, Helecopters, all kept comming my way. I went 39 (kills) 4 (assists) and 7 (deaths). I captured a pile if flags (thanks to Thee Bob Sagat for picking off some dudes trailing me once) and I leveled up from level one to FOUR (with just 97 points to go to level 5) all before the host ended the game early giving me 383 points total.

I'm a big single player game fan but no game against bots can provide the excitement that a good game like that can provide.