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Hello From The Far Side

I took my leave of Gamespot for an indeterminate time a while back. I'm not a fan of big on-line "I'm leaving" announcements as such a high percentage of them involve petty e-drama and result in folks coming back without explanation, and even worse when they run thru the whole "I'M LEAVING!" all over again. So I bid a small group here goodbye and made my way down the road. I won't go into much details about the reasons but as you can see from the blog below the Mrs. and I had our first child recently and his early arrival and subsequent health struggles have taken their toll on mommy and daddy, probably more so mommy and daddy than the little guy who most of the time is happy as a clam. Even so it has been a wonderful experience, but you set your priorities and of course the little guy is #1.

I do miss spending some time here, chatting with folks, playing games, and watching the game industry develop. Doing any of those things with little time though is quite hard. Most of the big name games just aren't made for a lot of stopping and starting play. Most gaming news is high volume and a very low percentage of it is important. I like the games he makes but I really don't care what cliffyb says about... anything. Some PR dude or executive at Sony has some petty criticism about Microsoft or the other way around? What do I care? None of that has anything to do with me picking up a game pad or sitting at my PC having a good time.

That isn't to say I haven't gotten a little gaming in. If only to decompress for a while I have fired up a few games. I found puzzle quest download-able from numerous services and hopped back into that for a while if only to quit where I've quit every time I played that game ;) More recently I've fired up Sid Meier's Pirates! for some nice sea battles along with a few other games. It has struck me though how much a gap there is between the big games that are awfully time consuming, and the cell phone, facebook, popcap and flash games out there that provide opportunities for quick play. There seems to be a middle ground in depth, availability, and quality that just doesn't exist out there. I could go on about that for a long time.

I did see Civilization V was announced for this fall. I think I'll have to make some time for that while driving around in my Swagger Wagon.

Just to illustrate how difficult it can be to make time for things I've sat down and started writing this three or four times now abandoning it for various reasons and now I smell something from the little jabbering monster rolling around on the living room floor . .. gotta go.