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Woot Woot

Woo hoo! I finally broke five hundred profile views. I know that it doesn't sound like much, but I am most happy with it.

The Wii Revolution

I finally got myself a Wii!  I'm so pleased with it so far.  I can't wait to get some of them old school games that I grew up playing.  I will get anyone who asks my "address" for it ASAP!  I'll talk to ya'll laters!  Best to be off to bed!  Tootles!

Ignorance is Bliss...

If you are a 25 year old cop with no life.  Nothing like degrading the civvies just to feel better about yourself.  I ain't lying.  This guy was a complete ***.  My friend was having a get together for the team, and she invited some of her friends over.  Now, I didn't have a problem with one of them.  But the other, was a major dee dee dee.  Nothing like belittling people and insulting people he didn't even know.  This man is totally not one to talk about others so poorly.  For example, he married this chick after knowing for two weeks, and guess what... now he's getting a divorce.  What a ****** shock!  Then he starts gloating about how he's getting excessive force charges put on him because he was involved in the beating of an inmate that caused him to have a stroke!  Yeah, that's something to be totally proud of.  Nothing like an abuse of power to seem so high and mighty.  The DA isn't exactly happy with this, because he saw the wonderful video taped event.  Nothing like CCTV to get everything right.  Then he starts hitting on my friend's chick friend and insulting everyone else.  All he did was comment on her **** every five minutes. 
So pretty much, I spent the night, not talking to anyone and being annoyed at the ignorance and immaturity that I easily could have dealt with at home.  Well he's a ***** and I hope I don't have to see that ******* again.  Because even though he's a cop, (even if he's a ****** one at that)  I would still beat the snot out of him.  If I do see him, I will have to thank him for ruining my night.
Also, I will not be going to her get togethers if he's there.  Just to save my sanity.  Well dears  have a lovely evening.  Tootles!

Stress Relieved

Finally!!!!  My youngest brat child has cut his first two teeth.  I'm most thankful for that.  No more excess drooling and biting on me.  But now the thing that is going on is the scooting.  Ya just can't stop the little man.  He's gone and back before you know it.  It's amazing at how adept they are at finding stuff that they shouldn't even after you've cleaned and vacuumed the area.  I envy him.  He's such a little monster.  Other than that nothing is going on.  I just got back from Estrella Wars and let me tell you.  I had a blast!  Too bad none of my buds could be there to see me.  I was a gypsy performer.  Lol!  Usually that causes weird ideas.  *wink, wink*  Well all, if anyone wants to ask how everything went, then just let me know!


I got a 360!  Woo hoo!  Derick and I played most of the night and what not.  F.E.A.R. is the ****!  I've waited since the day that first gen came out and now I have one!

Fall of Troy- The Sequel to Walls of Troy

So for the past couple of weekends, my spouse and I have been going out to Cowtown paintball field and practicing for the next upcoming scenario game Fall of Troy.  The pracitice is needed so we can woop some tail this time around.  Spiro (the general for our adversary team), needs to be put back in his place. 

A couple of weekends ago, we got together with the team and got rained out.  Sucks because we didn't get a rain check.  The forecaster said it was supposed to be a beautiful, clear day.   On the way there, it had started downpouring.  It quickly stopped, and we thought all was well, because we were still within city limits.  It's out near Lake Pleasant.  Most of you wouldn't even know where that is, it's about thirty miles out of town.  Well I guess it had rained there earlier that morning.  The dirt roads were oil slicks, and I skid out bad.  I was only going 20.  The posted speed was 35. 

There was much drama going on.  It was frigid and windy.  We had the Smoosh.  We were all screwing around waiting for our turn to go on the field, when it got windy and poured for like an hour.  I took the baby to the car because there was no need for him to be out there.  He was warm and dry, and that's what mattered.  Well the menfolk left the field early... their tanks had froze.  That's absolutely no good.

Thank god FoT is going to be in May up in Prescott.  It'll at least be in the 70s or 80s during the day, and in the 50s or 60s at night.  Three days of absolute fun!  Woo hoo!

My Union

Well, I've decided to start a union.  No one has even nibbled, and I think that the idea is nice.  I know that its only been a day, but I also thought that it would be cool for people who like RvB to get together and bs.  I guess people don't like the idea.  I don't know what to do.  Oh well.  We'll see what happens in the next six days.


People are odd.  Just a thought.  I mean, people are so hypocritical about certain things that it makes me sick.  There is so much bias about certain subjects... Myspace, the death penalty, religion... I could go on for days, but why should I?  If people don't like the responses they know they are probably going to get, then why put it up.  Debates are fine, but when it comes to calling names, and telling others that they don't know jack about the topic, it blows my mind.  Why do people put touchy subjects on the web?  Everything gets blown out of proportion and then that causes problems.  I don't talk crap, I give my honest opinion, and then I am done.  Don't start fights with me, I don't like it.  Frankly, I find it annoying and immature.  It's childish and chicken.  Causing mischief is one way of letting people know how narrow minded a person is...

Like religion... I don't care what you believe or not.  Just don't push it on me.  I'm generous enough with my time to even listen to it.  Don't push your ideals of grandeur and crap on me, please.  I've heard it most of my life and will continue to hear it till the day I die.  It'd be nice to not have to hear it everyday.  So thanks everyone.

Mating and breeding... That's your own hang up.  I don't care what you do.  I ain't involved with your problem and what you should and shouldn't do.  People are going to do whatever they want to so why ask?  You get sideways answers and snide comments anyways.  Asking people you don't even know their opinion on something that they don't even know the background to isn't going to help in any way shape or form.

Myspace... It's a website and condemning it for what it is is just dumb.  A mature person would leave it alone because that's all it is, a website.  Generalizing on what people do or who they are is biased.  I have a Myspace.  I like it.  Don't call me EMO or any other stupid thing like that, because you don't know me or what I'm about.

Sexism... yes, I am female.  Listening to the **** that is spewed on to some of these message boards is enough to make me gag.  Not every person cares about what gender a person is or what they do.  If I wanted to hear crap, I'd turn on my radio and listen to Tom Leykis.  Yes, truly a spewer of blah and sexism.  But hey, my opinion and that's how it stands.  If you can't stand it tough.  I didn't become a gamer to hang out with guys.  And frankly some of you "little boys" weren't even a twinkle in your daddy's eye when I started playing. So STFU!

Meh, what do I care, I'll get crap about this anyways because that's how people are.  I ain't taking this to the court of public opinion because I feel like it.  I don't care about the topic or the comments.  Comment away....

Muahahahahahaha! *hack, hack cough*

I was talking to one of my friends today, and he was a total jerk.  He called me a geek and a nerd because I like to play RPGs.  So what if I like to play them.  I'm not just talking video games, but table top games like D&D.  I just want to know why he thinks I'm such a "loser" because I play them.  I play everything, alot.  I mean, my life isn't consumed by them, I do have a life outside of a PS2 and a couch.  He doesn't even play video games, he thinks they are lame.  He then berated me saying that I was a "poser" because I am female and I play games.  So ****ing what!  GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  To his stupidity!  Time to kill things now!  I am off to play Shadow Hearts!

Meh to that!

I love the video games.  My hubby and I are starting to get the kids involved in the too.  My oldest has been playing FF12 (with the gambits on, of course)  We are just teaching him the basics.  My girl thinks that it's fun to watch, and pretends to play.  For x-mas my mom got the kids that v-smile thing.  They've been playing that nonstop.  It sucks because it didn't come with an adapter, but it uses batteries... let me rephrase that, it EATS batteries.  But whatever, as long as they are having fun.  They are the next generation of gamers, like my man and I!  I am proud to pass on this tradition to my kiddos!
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