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Retro_Review and British Podcast!

So Just so everyone knows i run a Gaming website called: BEAT.British at


And I've just started a new feature called: RETRO-Review. Where I reviewed Master of Orion 2. (a review which I have now improved on and have added to my gamespot reviews as well. BEAT.British is also a podcast availible on itunes and through the website. It's mostly about the weekly world of games and how it effects us brits. Check it out if you like.

Big hugs to you all!


No more hope...

Imagine for a moment that someone tells you Bob Hope won't be doing new years, or that christmas TV will be full of new and exiting tv program and NO re-runs what so ever...

That is how I feel today.

After the news that has profligated accross the internet about a certain Gamespot reviewer-in-chief being fired for possibly telling the truth about a game that was sponsering the gamespot website blurted into my ear on Buzz out Loud (a podcast at Cnet.com). I have felt a little empty.

Who can I trust now, one of the reasons I come to Gamespot is becasue these reviewers are real people, they are faces I can recognise their opinions I trust. None of them ever came close in my respect than Jeff G. I statue of a man full of integrity and a flair for reviews/games journalism and entertainment.

That is why I will follow Jeff where ever he may travel in his reviewing. Jeff you will be missed.

We want you back.

Geometry Wars Survived 250,000 points.

I did it, survived 250,000 points. I wasn't even trying. Just wanted to take a mental break from the world. Listening to loud music on 'party shuffle' on itunes. It's all good. Good times on my xbox360.

yay me I'm great!


Never judge a blah by it's blah

What the Title "the importance of Being Ernest" means to me.

If I take the title literally, it shouldn't really mean anything. It should have as much implication as "the importance of being Bob or John or Bill". That is how we are ment to think in our new enlightened society, take things on their contents. We should believe in that idiom provided by some guy called William:

"a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet"

This is physically true, but a turd by the name of a rose would still smell like s***.

Personally I should believe there isn't much in a name other than a description. But I have to admit, I am effected by names on a daily basis. I love the uniqueness of my name, would I be who I am if I was called Bob?

If honesty is my guide no. No I wouldn't.

The irony of it all is that because my name has helped me become the individually minded person I am; I like to think that I am immune to the influence of the 'cover of a book' just like a name. Which obviously is b****cks

If a rose was called s***weed, I wouldn't buy a dozen for my girlfriend on Valentines Day.

(Which I realise in itself is doing something special because the day is named)

It's it a tangled web of words we weave daily. S*** isn't it?

I hate CityLink.

If you live in england. Then you know what I mean. I ordered FFXII and a book from amazon. Next day delivery option, cool. i'll do that. Just put in my uni address as there is someone ALWAYS on desk from 8am. No chance of it not being recived.

Hmm, fat chance.

Apparently they left a Card.

No card.

So I have to wait till monday to PICK IT UP?!?

Call me mad but arn't they ment to deliver it to ME?!

After complaining by email to amazon, I have recived a refund. :D Complaining really works apparently. Still waiting to hear from Citylink....... they are made of bad 2d platformers!!!! Grrr