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Yeah, this actually happened.

This blog post is primarily for those of you who don't have a Twitter account or do not follow me on Twitter. Twenty-four minutes ago, the following occured. It is cause for great personal celebration; you may join me if you like.

Platinum Trophy #5

proof of platinum

I am sitting here, looking at these pictures I took, in disbelief that I am the one who took these pictures and that they are of my own television screen. Even though I've been working really hard towards this achievement for months, I guess a part of me never fully felt that I would eventually be able to succeed. After all, it wasn't until I began earning many Golds/Distinctions and beating fellow PSN friends' best times in certain events that I recognized that I might have a shot at it in the first place.

This is the first game of its kind that I've ever played, let alone played to completion, let alone Platinum'd.

When I was down to only 10-20 events total left to earn Gold/Distinction in, the doubt only increased because I was just waiting for the events to become so incredibly challenging that they'd be far too difficult for me to ever earn the Gold/Distinction. I won't lie and say that it turned out to be easy street after a while, but somehow, I was able to find the patience to just keep trying and continue to improve my driving skills. Even if all it took was putting the controller down for the day and waiting a few days to return anew, that's what I did. Sometimes, all it took was picking a different car or trying a different combination of shortcuts. Or, just waiting for an attempt where the traffic patterns weren't as horrific.

It helped tremendously that I could not (and still cannot) get enough of this game. I am stoked to begin playing the DLC content, and I am eager to hear an announcement regarding a sequel.

I am totally going to revel in my highly unlikely success here tonight for a long, long time. This is huge.