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The End of an Era

I apologize for the dramatic title. That's just the first thing that popped into my head. I don't mean to be dramatic. What's about to happen isn't even really all that big of a deal. Besides, it seems like most everyone is already doing it.

I'm leaving Gamespot's blogging arena. For real this time.

I never thought of myself as an immensely popular blogger on this site, but I have amassed a decent following and some of you have been very reliable as far as being able to provide insightful or entertaining comments goes. I'll miss it, but only because I'm certain some of you might feel it's too much work to subscribe to my WP blog. That's okay; it's your choice.

I will still be coming to Gamespot every so often to check out the occasional preview or review or to visit some of your blogs. However like I said before, I won't be blogging here anymore. I detest the new commenting system, and I've always been frustrated with the errors and glitches that no one seems to want to fix. There's still loads for me to learn when it comes to doing things on WordPress, but I'm slowly getting there.

The password listed below will be the permanent password for all future posts on Jag's Gaming Blog. This way, the blog will still only be open to GS friends and you'll always be able to access new content. I've also unlocked the ability to comment right underneath the WP posts. All comments will need to be cleared through moderation by yours truly, but this is just to prevent spam from sneaking its way in. Most important of all, remember that if you subscribe to the blog (, you won't ever miss a new post and this won't have to be goodbye.


PASSWORD: vassarplace

P.S. Please leave your comments underneath the actual post on WP. I need to make sure all the settings are correct to make that possible. Thank you!