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PS3: A Retrospective

It dawned on me Sunday afternoon that by the end of this week, I will own more than 30 Playstation 3 games (not including downloaded titles). More specifically, by the end of today. Today, SSX launches (AT LONG LAST!) and while I'm at the Gamestop picking up my preordered copy, the plan is to pick up a new copy of Mass Effect 2 as well. In addition, a trip to the nearby Best Buy will also happen with certain likelihood, as I take advantage of their weeklong sale on SoulCalibur V. Oh, and did I mention I won an auction on Ebay Sunday night for a new, sealed copy of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning? No? Well, yes, that happened, too.

These four games will put me at a total of 32 physical games owned for the PS3. Some of you have collections that more than eclipse that number, but for me, that many games (again, not even including my nine downloaded titles) bought in just under two years is like a new record for me. Due to the fact I've traded in games from time to time from my other console/handheld collections, this too marks the crowning of my PS3 collection as my largest game collection for any console or handheld that I own. Even though I know there's no stop in sight for the rate of growth, it's still high honor time.

And so, I thought it'd be only fitting to write a blog post to look back on all that I've come to own and accomplish in the last two years with these twenty-eight games.


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