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Pokemon White - Incoming

I don't know when it started to happen, but my brother has in recent years acquired the ability to quickly break down my resolve when it comes to video games. I'm still doing an excellent job of keeping away from WoW, but all it took last night was for him to open up his guide for Black and White and show me a few things and talk about a few things and now I'm strongly considering picking up a copy of White. EVEN THOUGH, I've spent the past week or two bashing the game for a multitude of reasons that I felt made it not worth my time. Never mind the PS3 backlog I currently have weighing on my mind (next week's blog post will give you a peek into my gaming plans for this year to hopefully remedy this a little).

I feel like such a hypocrite. I feel like such a weak human.

I think what finally broke my resolve were two things:

  1. The game features only new Pokemon until the end of the game. This surely will bring back fond memories of running around Red and Blue (Fire Red and Leaf Green).
  2. Dominick constantly rants (raves?) about this fifth generation's difficulty level. Common Normal-type Pokemon found in the wild are kicking his rear end??? When has that ever happened to anybody? His friend said as much as well. Diamond proved to be tough for me until after the third gym, but this game sounds like a challenge throughout. I'm up for a challenging Pokemon game.

At any rate, my plan for the weekend is to Platinum De Blob 2 (it's a relatively easy game to Plat and a really great 3D platformer to boot, just fyi) and if time permits, move straight on to NFS HP to resume my quest for Platinum there. I honestly don't know when I'll fit in White, as you'll see in next week's blog, but I guess I'll make time.

P.S. For those who are wondering, historically speaking, I've chosen Water, Fire, Water, then Grass. I'm definitely going Water again this time. Fire Pig looks horrendous in final form and while Grass is neat in final form, Water becomes a GD narwhal and you can't compete with that awesome.