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DKC Auto-fire Barrel

autofire barrel

autofire 1

autofire 2

autofire 3

This was the first entry in my DKC Barrel series of karts. It seems simple enough, but getting the right color for each barrel, getting the rings to shine or not shine the right amount, getting the rings to wrap all the way around and maintain the same width, and generally speaking, getting the karts to look like was really tough to do.

DKC DK Barrel

dk barrel

dk barrel 1

dk barrel 2

Closed barrel means no dark front panel. The concept art comes from DKCR, not the original DKC games.

DKC (1,2,3) Star Barrel

star barrel

star barrel 1

star barrel 2

star barrel 3

Can you imagine a quality DK, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, etc. Mod in one of these karts? Awe-some.

Mobile Banana Hoard


mbh 2

mbh 3

This was my attempt at being just plain goofy. I had just downloaded some user-made mods for Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, K. Rool, and Dixie Kong and had intentions to create at least one Funky Kong mod on my own (it later turned into the three). Thinking about all these excellent DKC-related racers that I had collected, I began to think of what I could create to have them drive. Next to the idea for the Barrel Kart series and Funky's barrel-plane and surfboard, I came up with the idea for this "banana van". Immediately, the thought of K. Rool driving around in this kart popped into my mind. The idea of K. Rool driving around with a "stolen" banana hoard had me cracking up. This kart needed to happen, if not just to bring that mental image into reality.

As you can see, the original idea of a van did not pan out. Each banana is composed of four individual parts: the banana, the thin line that provides dimension, and the two brown ends. I combined the parts together to be just one "complex" sticker. Then, I linked four of these together, thinking that if I made my "stamp" a cluster of bananas, it would take less stamping to cover the entire kart and thus, I wouldn't hit the budget limit. However, the bananas seemed too complex and turned out to use up quite a bit of budget on the van. There was just so much real estate for stamping that I ran out of budget before even half of the whole van was coated in bananas! The garbage truck works just as well, though.

The license plate is inspired from that deep voiced sound effect in Donkey Kong 64 that played whenever you found a Golden Banana. Here it is: . Seeing as how you're driving around in a big truck loaded with bananas, I found it fitting to reference this sound clip.

Taj and his Golden Balloon kart


taj 1

taj 2

gold balloon 1

gold balloon 2

I really can't take much credit for these two creations. The kart took me literally twenty minutes or less and much of Taj was composed using parts I got when I bought the "Babu" mod off the PS Store. The ears, bracelets, the body skin texture, the face mask, and the turban all came from good ol' Babu. I did make the ankle bracelets and I made the triangle pattern around the bottom of his jacket.

The reason why I decided to make these two creations is because I looked up Taj and found only two published creations. Both were clearly made before Babu came into the picture so understandably, they look horrible in comparison. That's why I can't take credit for the Mod. It's just a slight application of something UFG provided directly. I'm just glad I could do all the Taj lovers out there a good service. :D

Shiverburn G2

shiverburn 1

shiverburn 2

shiverburn 3

This kart is ridiculous. If you couldn't tell already from the name, it's inspired by Super Mario Galaxy 2's Shiverburn Galaxy. One of my final two Green Stars (and admittedly, one of the toughest to collect) dwelled in this galaxy and one day, the idea just came to mind to make a kart based on the play between fire and ice that is spelled out all over that in-game stage.

While making this kart, I greatly improved my skill with editing stickers. It looked stupid every time fire stickers overlapped with each other and I had to be very careful not to overlap from the black-based fire zones into the white-backed ice zones and vice versa. I did have to repaint the background in some places, but it wasn't a big deal. The snowflake design was made by rotating, shrinking, and expanding the snowflake stickers in a random array and then using a small bit of it as a joint sticker (you can group stickers together to make one combo sticker) to resize, rotate, and duplicate elsewhere. The only place where I individually placed snowflakes was on the rear panel. I made the combo sticker from that and repasted all over the rest of the white stripe.

At first, the fire zones only had red fire. It looked like it was lacking something. Energy or depth or something. So I added the orange.

One final note: One of my favorite parts of this kart is the wheels. The bright neon, icy blue "icicles" with the fiery red "volcano"...they're so sexy. All I did was pick the colors; that's an actual wheel option for the hub caps.

Uncharted 3 Kart

u3 front

u3 right

u3 left

u3 rear

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this kart will garner lots and lots of Create XP. It's the most decorated Uncharted-themed kart out there. It looks like Naughty Dog made it; it could pass for a UFG creation, I feel. It's the best Uncharted-themed MNR kart I've ever seen, to be honest, and I'm not just saying that because I made it).

When I went about designing it, the theme running through my mind was "inspired by what we know so far". We've all seen the announcement trailer. More than once, probably. There was lots of sand. There was lots of black smoke. There was quite a bit of fire. A few shots were fired. Nathan Drake looked more rugged than ever. In this kart, I tried to capture everything that we currently know about the game all at once. It is highly detailed and as such, has as much personality as the characters in the games themselves. The bullet holes look as though the kart was actually shot at in a drive-by. There are dirt smudges (differently sized and differently oriented) over the top of the desert tan colored stone body pattern. The colors also seem to mesh very well together.

The kicker for me is the designing of the rear panel. Slightly oversized white lettering that spells "Uncharted" on the trunk, with a big, outlined "3" perfectly centerized just above the bumper. This, along with the release date license plate, faces players at all times except for when airborne tricks are being performed, so a constant reminder of that awesome date stares players in the face and brings the past two Uncharted games to mind as they ponder what will meet them in the third installment.

It would be paired perfectly with a well-crafted, user-made Nathan Drake mod or the official one from UFG.