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Free Code, anyone?

My pursuit of the Platinum trophy for NFS Hot Pursuit (haHA, see what I did there?) is moving along swimmingly. By the grace of some higher power, I think I earned about ten new Gold medals as a racer. That leaves about eleven or so events still to go, plus the fifteen or so I have left as a cop. I reached Level 20 (Most Wanted) as a Racer, too. The Hyper races are really fast and the AI is very aggressive, but I'll make it through. I hope.

Pokemon White is showing itself to be every bit as challenging as my brother made it out to be. The first gym leader wiped the floor with me. I know I just need to level up some more, but that's easier said than done when the adorable puppy Pokemon keep rocking my dudes. I'll get it eventually. All I can say for now is that so far, I'm already liking White so much more than Diamond (the wild Pokemon battle theme and trainer themes are A++). If things keep going this way, I think I'll be pretty content to forget D-P-Pt never happened, except for all the new Pokemon they provided.

Okay, here comes the best part of the blog. As some of you may already know, Schick and Edge are having a promotion right now through mid-June where if you buy a razor or the shaving cream, you gain access to a code for DLC in either GT5, KZ3, or the not-yet-released inFamous 2. You can find these specially marked products in any Target, CVS, Walgreen's, or Walmart by you. Today, I bought a razor and a bottle of shaving cream, even though I genuinely only needed the shaving cream. You see, the shaving cream has KZ3 on the labeling and the razor had Cole from inFamous 2. So I thought I needed to buy the razor in order to get the right code. Turns out you get to pick what you want the code to go towards. So, here's my proposition. I already have my code for inFamous 2 that I think I'll save until the game actually comes out. Meanwhile, I've got this free second code... I don't know which of you have KZ3 or GT5 or definitely plan on buying inFamous 2, but I figure "let me hold a little competition." The first person to comment down below that they'd be interested in my free code for whichever game of their choosing will be sent a PM by yours truly with the code you'll need to type in here.

A note for those interested, from the PS Blog's article about this promotion:

"For KZ3, it's a choice between the map pack OR extra points towards armor and whatnot. The KZ3 map pack can already be purchased on the PlayStation Store. The GT5 car is only available through this program, although the Chevy Camaro SS is available in game (just not the Edge Special).

The inFAMOUS2 Sniper Blast will be available in game, but this will just let you get it early.

If you do get your hands on an inFAMOUS2 activation code, hold on to it until the game releases in June."