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Everything is Racing

Tonight, you find me in a mixed state of emotions. I am both thrilled and excited, but also quite sad as well. In the last two weeks, I have accomplished tremendous feats and experienced frustrating failures. None of this has to do with my real life - that's a whole other bucket of fun; I don't know what to make of some things in my life as the PS3 gamer known as KenobiEagle. It's gotten so bad that I frequently get distracted by thoughts at work on the matter and it's affecting my mood. I understand that this all sounds highly emo and whiny and honestly, kinda lame and weak, but if ever there was a place to lay out all these gaming-related feelings I have, it's here.

So let me lay it for you straight. Pacific Rift was a blast. It got really maddening at times, but I succeeded in reaching the goals I had set out to attain. This led me to download MotorStorm RC, which has quickly become a very surprising blast to play. On the other end of the spectrum, however, lies SSX, which to be blunt, has become quite a disappointment to me.

To find out all the details, please join me beyond the link. But please, be warned. It does kind of go on for a long while. I really let myself vent on some things. Your open and honest thoughts would be more than welcome.


PASSWORD: remotecontrolled