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Dismay and Disappointment

This is going to be the least cheerful post I've written in at least a year.

I am at a crossroads regarding whether or not to proceed with my quest for a Platinum in FFXIII-2...or do I find something else to play entirely until February 28th rolls around.

CAUTION: Though I will try my best not to outright spill the beans on FFXIII-2's finale, it is the cause of my gamer's turmoil at the moment, so some details will more than likely be divulged. Those that have no interest in playing the game or have already beaten it, feel free to read that part of the post. Those that think they might play FFXIII-2 at some point or are still playing through it for the first time, please do yourself a favor and stay away from the second half of the post. There will be another message behind the link to let you know when to stop reading.


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