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Blig Post #240: What I've Been Doing While Offline

As you probably are already aware, the PSN is down. Personally, I was having trouble connecting towards the end of the week prior. Double XP was still going on in ModNation Racers at the time, and I had just managed to finally ding Level 30. Unfortunately, later that same day, I found myself mysteriously and totally unable to connect to the MNR servers. Consequently, I still haven't claimed my ModNation SuperStar gold trophy for reaching level 30. That's one reason why I'd really like the PSN to come back online.

It stunk being unable to connect from three days before the intentional outage and then now, all this waiting (though I do want Sony to take their sweet time). How else has this outage and the hacking affected me personally?

  • I had to replace over ten passwords across the internet (though, that's certainly not a bad thing and I really should get into the habit of changing them more frequently).
  • I have a crazy number of Post-Its stacked on top of one another on my nighttable, reminding me of what I'd like or need to do once the PSN is back up. I HATE Post-It pile-up.
  • I requested a replacement credit card.
  • I will be using Point Cards exclusively from now on.
  • I have to wait longer for Outland! :cry:

Honestly, I hope they catch the person/people involved in the hacking and I hope they get sent to jail for a very, very long time. Maybe, they can tack on a very substantial fine as well. I swear, if it turns out that it was done just because they were trying to stick it to Sony for one stupid reason or another, I will be fuming. That's some serious nerd rage going on there. It's unhealthy and deserves to be punished.

Sony's always been the "cooool" one of the Big Three. They must survive.


Recent Gaming Progress


All of a sudden, two weekends ago, I had the sudden, random urge to break out the first LBP and clear the Story mode once and for all. I was already in the final world, but that's just where I left off the last time my friend was over (I'd been playing through 2P-sty1e). So, I beat Story mode and yet even though it got really hard at the end, my LBP fix had yet to be satisfied. Thus, I moved on to the Metal Gear Solid DLC Pack, which I had yet to touch. I beat my way through every level and then proceeded to earn a few of the special trophies related to the Pack.

You Don't Know Jack

With some help from my brother and the HS friend of mine with a love for YDKJ, I made my way through all 73 episodes. Now, all that lies between me and the Platinum trophy is a Bronze trophy named Turncoat that requires that I play the game on the Fourth of July. While I could just alter the date on my PS3 (and I pondered as much on Twitter), I've decided to wait until the actual Fourth of July to get the Platinum. My reasoning is simply that it would cause an issue with my blog's banner, since I'm expecting to earn at least two other Platinum trophies before July and the banner showcases my Platinums in chronological order. Where would YDKJ go if I earn even one before July? It'd be too much work to fix the picture. I guess that just makes me lazy. Sounds a little OCD as well - and perhaps it is - but I'll try my very hardest to stick around on this Earth at least long enough to grab that Platinum.

Uncharted 2

As of today, I have returned to this amazing game to at last claim the Platinum trophy. All that remains to be done is beating the game on Hard, followed by Crushing. It will be tough, but I've heard almost universally that Crushing in U2 is far easier than it was in the first Uncharted. These are encouraging words. We shall see. I'm actually hoping to have the Platinum by week's end, so that when my brother comes home for Mother's Day weekend, we can take on Portal 2's co-op campaign without me having another game on my mind.


Recent Game Purchases

Portal 2

I don't believe it was ever a question of "if" I would buy Portal 2, so much as it was a question of "when". It turns out, the answer was "as soon as someone was selling the game for nearly half off the MSRP". Through this week, Kmart is selling Portal 2 for the 360 and PS3 for only $34.99. I managed to grab my local Kmart's very last copy of the PS3 version around lunchtime on Sunday, just in time to watch two young male 360-owners discover they were too late to encounter similar success. LOL.

I anticipate a challenging road to Platinum in this game, if not simply because I have never played the first Portal. As a result, it won't be a matter of reacquainting myself with the gameplay mechanics; I'll be learning them from scratch. I'm also not really that great at environmental puzzles such as the ones I imagine I'll see in Portal 2, so to all of you who beat the single player campaign so quickly, I can assure you that I can't imagine I'll be that quick at all. At any rate, I will be shooting for the Platinum because I looked up the trophies and very few sound difficult. From the sound of it, I may require some of your assistance in the future!

LittleBigPlanet 2

Remember when I wrote about how I had a sudden urge to play LBP and I beat the Story Mode and cleared the MGS DLC? Well, though frustrating towards the end, I was quite sad when it was over. So, even though I swore up and down "no LBP2 for me", I couldn't resist.

After skimming the guide, I'm excited. It looks like it's going to be loads more fun than the first game.

Mirror's Edge

Here's another case of "when," not "if". I first downloaded the demo last May (wrote a blog about it: and while I definitely enjoyed the experience, I felt the tutorial threw too many buttons and combos and generally too much information at me in such a short period of time. I was also having trouble getting used to the way the camera was mapped. Regardless, I found myself playing the demo time and time again in the last year.

Who knows if a year later, I'll have similar issues, but this game never quite left my mind. It was NeonNinja a year ago who was playing the game and raving about it in his blog. Now, it was 6h05tly bringing it up on Twitter. Enough was enough. Truth be told, while in Kmart to pick up Portal 2, I walked over to their bargain bin to see if they had any copies of Mirror's Edge thrown in there. There had been at least one in there in the past, but it could have been picked up. Yes, it had been. That's what started me on this road where now I've three new games heading my way from this week alone.

mirror's edge

For me, it was the visuals in Mirror's Edge that drew me in. For whatever reason, the game's visual aesthetic reminds me of my dad's former office building and the adjacent mall in Jersey City, NJ. It was right on the water. It was also very clean and white. Every time I see that menu screen or play through the demo, my mind goes to that office building. I really don't think there's a strong connection there at all, but some part of my mind strongly believes there is. At any rate, the game, while being awesome on its own, will be good fun to play, if not just because it will inexplicably bring back fond memories of the times my dad would let my brother and me come to work with him for a day.


Games Recently Added to Tracking List

Asura's Wrath

Quite honestly, sometimes, I'm boggled by the games I find myself tracking. For one reason or the other, obvious or not, I end up tracking many games and only buying a select few. These days, however, very few end up not being purchased eventually. Of course, I don't know whether Asura's Wrath will be a "Buy" or a "Pass" at this point, but there's one thing I can definitely say about AW at this point and that's that the two trailers that are out so far intrigued me. There's what I'd call the "Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon" factor going on here. MNSG for the N64 was such a strange, quirky game, but it was awesome from start to finish. I didn't know at first how much I was going to love that game, but to this day, it's such a trip.

asura's wrath

Asura's Wrath could be like that for me in this generation. I've heard it be called a God of War clone and a hybrid between Asian mythology and science fiction. This, intrigues me. From the trailers, it doesn't seem as bloody, gory, or gruesome as the God of War games. If true, this would certainly help AW find its way into my collection. Anyway, I look forward to seeing what becomes of this game as more is revealed in the months to come. Surely, E3 will have some new morsels to check out.


I haven't played a snowboarding game since Cool Boarders 2001 for the PS2. That game was a blast. Before that game, it was Snowboarding Kids on the N64. Yeah. Maybe it's time for a new fix…


ssx 1

Guess what I found out about this SSX game that has me super psyched about it? EA asked NASA for its topographical map data of the entire planet. While each course will undoubtedly have its own flair and over-the-top features, the mountain ranges will be more true-to-life than SSX courses have ever been. They are also boasting that there will be a crazy number of drop points at each course, so as long as things don't start to feel repetitive, there could be a lot of amazing content here. Furthermore, they're trying to remove barriers and "out of bounds" areas so that you can literally go anywhere. Heck, there will be helicopters in the air to take you to other parts of the course you're on if you so desire! All of this has me really excited, even though I don't know any of SSX's history or its characters.

Sonic Generations

I watched the one trailer that's out and I have to say that it looks really purdy. I thought Sonic Unleashed looked really great too, but everyone seems to dislike that game intently these days. It's a Sonic game, so we really have no idea what to make of it just yet.

sonic gens

However, I'm hoping it goes down the same road that Sonic Colors did in that it scored well and people do generally consider it a great game. I'm hoping that I'll find myself in possession of my third Sonic game.