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What the heck?

So...DKJC is out, two weeks sooner than the recently revised release date. What the hell??? I could've ordered a copy and gotten it by now!

Well, at least it's getting good reviews. Not like I wasn't going to get it if it didn't, but still. It makes me feel good knowing other people think a game I want/own is good.

Sonic Rush Adventure, as far as I know, is still coming out next Tuesday. I'm probably going to order it on Amazon as well (I'm on my college campus so I can't get to a Gamestop).

And in case you're interested, I'll be writing reviews up for both once I beat each of them. I'll probably post here to let you all know once I've done that. :)

New icon!

So I realized I had a minor case of icon-envy since the RHYMENOCEROS and seniorDK both have very awesome DKC-related icons and mine...well, mine was not so much. So I went hunting and I found myself this really cool one of Funky from DKC2 (I think). Should be satisfactory for at least a week or two, hehe.

In other news, I'm going crazy waiting for SRA and DKJC to come out. I haven't been this impatient for a game's release since like, FFX. It's nuts. Well, it's not like there's anything I can do, so it's time to just play the waiting game...and wait.

Hang in there, fellow future SRA and/or DKJC owners! The day(s) are almost at hand!

DK and Sonic: Adventures To Be Used For Procrastination

With school very much underway at this point, I'm finding that I have very little free time. And when the free time does come around, I don't have anything to do. Thankfully, I've got two new DS games coming out within the next two weeks that could help me out. DK Jungle Climber and Sonic Rush Adventure both seem awesome. I'm pretty sure that no matter what GS has to say about either game, I'm still gonna buy them both.

I'm wondering...anybody else out there planning on gettin one or both of these games?

R.I.P. My Internet

It was terrible. For the last one and a half days, the internet connection for my laptop seemed to have died...completely. I couldn't get onto any website, nor could I connect/log into anything like AIM or the iTunes Store. It was really bad. I actually had to go to the campus library to use the internet there (I felt like a hobo). But worse than not having internet was the fact that the IT people on campus couldn't figure out what was wrong over the phone and thus, I had to make an appointment to bring my laptop in so they could look at it. Well, this would have rendered me laptop-less for up to two days! And of course, I was worried to death that whatever was wrong would somehow require a wipe of my hard drive to fix.

Luckily, my good friend Felix, who lived on my floor last year, dropped by last night. And as I told him my situation, he was all like "oh, let me take a look!" He fixed the problem in less than five minutes. Turns out on campus you can't have both your wireless and ethernet cable connections enabled at the same time. hahahaha

Well all's better now. =D

Icon Change!

So I've changed my icon for like the fourth time in less than a day. I just want a really cool one. Cloud was cool until they got rid of it, and then I got bored of Luneth. So Diddy's my man atm. If anyone out there knows where I can find some sweet DKC icons, let me know.

On GS Reviews

And what the heck is the deal with Gamespot giving games very unjust reviews? I mean, we all know we can't really trust their score because between the hype and the reviews from other sources, we can determine they're a bit, er, WAY too critical. I want to know about a game's cons, but I don't really care about the tinniest of flaws. If you're that obsessive-compulsive, then type up a user review, don't type the site's official review for the game. It makes me sick. Because I'm sure there are people out there that really rely on sites like GS to give them quality game reviews. I know I do. But recently, I've begun to second guess the reliability of these reviews. I could be missing out on great games simply because of a lame review! I mean, for example, I own games for the N64 and PS1 that I love that I noticed received absolutely horrible scores on this site. Taking their word for it (since they're old reviews), perhaps the games weren't that great in general. But I liked them. So, idk. GS is just silly. Well, it's great for getting updates on upcoming games and chatting on the forums and with other gamers and such, but where reviews are concerned, I'll read theirs with a tablespoon of salt...and then head over to IGN and 1UP to read their side of the story. This is just crazy.

P.S. I don't own a Wii so I don't plan on ever owning Metroid Prime 3, but I really think the reason the game got an 8.5 is because they changed their number scale for ratings. But still, I feel the game probably deserved at least a 9.0.

Game Review Outline

I don't know why, but Gamespot recently chose to revise its user review page. Now, you can only rate a game using a score that's a multiple of .5. I think it kinda sucks, so my plan is to use this blog entry to outline how I plan to review games in the future, just so I don't forget. The "rough score" is simply the average of the scores given to the five different categories listed. The "final score" is the rough score, rounded to the closest available score (ex. 7.6 becomes 7.5, while 8.9 becomes 9.0).

Rate with a number from 1-10:








Give short phrase-like descriptions for the following:

The Good:

The Bad:

Actual Review (as long as it needs to be)


So, I really thought someone was pulling a joke on the world until I walked into my local Gamestop yesterday and saw with my very own eyes, a promotional case for: MARIO AND SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES.

Oh. God.

Now it's just silly cause beyond the Mario and Sonic shell, it's just another game based off the Olympics. And when exactly has an Olympics-based game ever been good? The people at the game's forum are praising it, and I'm just sittin here thinking there's got to be something wrong with them.

Now of course, this game boils down to being a bunch of minigames. And I suppose, as long as the gameplay is solid, it'd make for a pretty decent game. I guess that's the only way I'd even begin to consider checking it out. Otherwise, it's crap to me.

Well, that's it. Just wanted to chat it up about yesterday's surprising source of personal amusement.

pc :)

P.S. I did see one thing on the forums that I thought was pretty funny. In the "Describe the game in one word" topic, someone wrote "predictable". His reasoning? "Sonic wins the marathon, Mario wins the long jump." lolz =D

Summer lull

The past two weeks have been fairly crazy. I've had this strong urge to go out and get a new DS game, even though it'd probably be a used game since there're no new games out that I'm interested in. It's just nuts...I haven't bought a new DS game since right after last Christmas.

There are at least seven games coming out before this coming Christmas that I'm interested in getting, but the point to be made regarding those is that they come out after I've already left to go back to school. And school does not leave much spare time for gaming, unfortunately.

I guess I'll just replay some of the games I already have, when I can. Yeah, that sounds good.

I just gotta learn how to be more patient, hehe.

pc :)