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Sim tower

I found one of old game called sim tower and it works on windows xp and I forget I hard and tought it was but it fun to build a big tower and has anyone played this in a while?

Star trek games

I've being playing some star trek games. The two major one i've have been playing is Star trek elite force 2 which is a hard game and also star trek starfleet command 3 which is a rare game that I got on bought and it fun. What do you people think of star trek games and their future?

Finance minister in British Columbia

The minister of Finance in Britsh Columbia Canada is not going for another term in the provience goverment and it is unkown what she is going to Do. She has done some intesting things in the office inculding showing up with 500 dollor shoes for when she talks about her buget. It is unkown what it is going to do about to our goverment but it is an intesting turn of events. ... Turn in next week for the snow report:P


hello, I like history and that what i'am going to school for and what I want to know is who likes history and what time or period. I tell you I like, the ancient world, from 1000 to 1900 CE and cold war times. History is a intesting subject and please tell me what you think on