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hello, I have been playing Morrowind again does anybody still play it or even like it. I do with some good mods it better then Obilivion

I'm back after a bit from blogs

I'am back from a break of writting brogs as a mini protest againest those that cannot be name.

Leave a comment and say hello

p.s reading the lording of the rings

pss. have you got the refefence yet

Welcome to Canada

Welcome to Canada

Hello, there are several things I would like to talk about which involves Canada political system. The first thing to talk about is the political system of Canada which is based on the British system in which we have a Prime Minister and a party system which at this time is three parties. The party that is in charge right now is the Conservative Party of Canada which is in a minority parliament right now. The second biggest party is that of the Liberal party of Canada which is lead by Stephen Dion which is from the province of Quebec. The last major federal party is that of the New Democratic Party lead by Jack Layton.

History for the new year

Well I now into my third week of college for the new year and I'am taking two courses on Canadian history and my total amount for my books came to 219 dollors which sucks but that courses well be good.