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dreamofthekai Blog

my blog

Hello all I have a blog up about full texts of what happens in Legion of Super-heroes comics.

If anywish to come and do some reading about legion comics from 1958-now. you are more then welcome

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

Hello everyone it been awhile.

I thought I would start with what games I have been playing.

not much mostly facebook games these days.

I find that newer games on the next gen systems just don't seem to be a fun to me as the older system games were.

In terms of music

I listen to a lot of these days

espically the killers and many others ones

Now lets talk about movies

I saw Iron Man 2 and enjoyed it was quite well done.

over this weekend so far I have watch the first and third Die hard Movie, Crank 2 High voltage and the Bourne Identity


hello, I found a neat band called Metric. They are from Canada I believe(my home country) you can check out their songs on youtube.


I'm also listening to the The Beatles Remasters and it's great

Morrowind mods

hello do you use mods for morrowind

he is what I use

Better Heads Tribunal

Better Heads Bloodmoon

Better Heads morrowind

Book Rotate

Clean Gondor Ranger

Clean Dragon blade

Adamantium Armor

Morrowind Sound Enhancement

Atmospheric Sound Effects

Wildness sounds

Better Bodies

Nerevarine Castle

Imperial Legion Badge

Tsaesci Dragonscale Armour

All Items in Balmora

Fast Travel