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GoW 3 beta & GS

The Gears of War 3 beta was sweet i was so impressed good work Epic Games :shock:

also the GameSpot Nav looks very nice now finally a change after a few years :)

Gears of War 3

If anybody out there is playing the Gears of War 3 beta send me a invite ill play with you

Gamertag forsakenskys

Got my memory card today

My memory card came today was sleeping an my mother woke me up
went up stairs turned my x360. copied everything needed like
bungie day 2007 gamer pictures an all the other great gamer pictures
you can no longer get and of course all my game saves Halo 3, RSV, RSV2, COD4, Kameo ect...

Memory card news

Got a memory card waiting for it to get here should be here by monday. also more lovely news was on my xbox 360 chating / was down stairs came back up with my screen grey/black looked at my 360 had the three red rings

Memory card

Cant find the 64 mb memory card any where so i get to lose all my game saves an gamer pictures .

New games

Picked of F.E.A.R. today for ($32.99 at kmart). i was also out today in search of a memory card but of course they were sold out at kmart. walmart only had the $49.99 memory card so it looks like im not shipping off my 360 anytime soon till i get a memory card($29.99 one). but hey at least i finally got F.E.A.R. . almost forgot i found Condemned Criminal Origins had to get this game one of my fav games

Xbox 360 drive

My drive seems to have stopped working, within the last 10 hours of playing it will not play any game & or dvd dont know what to do :o :?


Has anybody played darkSector? on my friends list im trying to make up my mind to get it or not?