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Wish me luck...

I'm working on something where I will put all my skills to the test--my pride and joy as an individual. And in doing so, I hope I get at least some kind of recognition. Placing 1-100 will do it for me, and I don't care where I's out of thousands of entries, so you can certainly see why I'd be happy anywhere in the top 100. Actually, there will be 1,001 winners...but I want in the top 100.

The deadline is May 15th. I don't feel nervous at all, but I have to step up the work because I only found out about the contest yesterday. Not to mention I have to mail the damn thing...>_> Luckily, though, I didn't have to start from scratch on this entry, so I have a slight advantage with time spent on it. All I need to do is edit and make it better to, well...make it better :P

The top ten winners will be notified October 20th and be listed in the December issue of the magazine the contest corresponds to.

The Grand Prize is $3,000! AND a trip to New York for three days and two nights, all expenses paid. Then there's actually a first place, and that's $1,000; second, $500; third, $250; fourth, $100; fifth, $50; then sixth through tenth, $25. The rest in the 100 get certificates honoring their accomplishment.

Above all, this specific blog entry to me is sort of like a landmark; I'm marking it for future reference, to see if my ambitions were rewarded in some way. Yet, I'd still be content knowing that I even bothered with the contest because I'm not the kind of person that bothers with such things.

And, who knows...if chance were to wrap itself around me, you all could very well "see" my project for yourselves :P I know I'm being obscure right now, but I still want you guys to wish me luck in my endeavor!

Oh, and I know what you're thinking: "Well, wouldn't it be wise to tell us what exactly the contest is!?" The answer is "Nah, not really." I don't want you guys to know until the time comes--and it will, whether I won or not. It's just that I don't like setting myself up for failure, you know? You're submitting something you worked really hard on and think it's great, and then when the time comes and you lose...kinda sucks telling those you were telling about the contest that you didn't win; then comes the personal failure and disgrace: This is your area! Why did you lose...? Which brings me to my next cliched point:

I'll be happy knowing I entered my work, regardless of my stance--winner or loser. Just because I'm thinking that, however, doesn't mean I don't want to win, because trust me...I do.

Well, wish me the best, guys...for me and my piece!

Brawl Friend Codes--I need 'em!

Guys, if you'd like to play me, hit me up with your FC! Do keep in mind that I like to play 1-on-1 with NO items, so if that's your thing, add me :D Of course, that's if I host the game. I'd gladly play with items (though not often) if you guys are the hosts.

Anyway, my FC:


I'm currently trying to unlock my secondary D:

My picks for the Top 5 most fun, challenging games of 2007

All right, before I begin, these are my personal picks. Not yours, mine, so if you're just going to a be a troll either 1) Get a new hobby 2) Back up your remarks, and/or 3) GTFO.

Also, notice I said "fun" as well as challenging. But then again, I am sort of a masochist with games, and love sadistic titles that aren't too sadistic to turn me off from ever playing them again. Who knows? Some of you may agree with me, and obviously, some may not, but that's all right. Sadly, I have yet to get a 360 or PS3, but it doesn't seem like there's any difficult games (I could've missed something, though), but be sure to tell me if there are!

5. (Shin Megami Tensei ) Persona 3 (PS2)


This game wasn't hard per se, but it's one of the more challenging RPG games this year. I really enjoyed this game a lot, and it took me a bit over 90 hours to complete, just trying to get extra stuff so I could get better Personas (It's actually Personae). What makes this game sadistic is that sometimes you'll get screwed over. Big time. What's worse is that it's because it's your own fault. You really have to be careful of what party you go into the game's only dungeon, Tartarus, as you ascend up its floors. At predertimed floors (The whole dungeon is randomly generated prior to reaching bosses and after, while proceeding to the next floors and boss) you'll meet a boss. These bosses all usually have some trick to them that you must try and figure out in order to stand a chance. Very tough bosses can be found in this game, and I like it. And not to mention the pre-final battle in the game is one of my favorites. True epicness to me, even though it took me a good while to beat. And here I'm only concentrating on the challenge of the game, not its solid story and high school sim aspect, which works well. The bottom line is, this game rocks, and if you find yourself agreeing with me, sweet. If you're still doubtful and a PS2, get this game. Now.

4. Trauma Center: New Blood (Wii)


This game is awesome, especially co-op, which is how I've been playing it. I'm not done with the game yet, but god damn has it proven its challenge to me and my friend. I've been a fan since the original Trauma Center on the DS (Still haven't beaten it >_>...), skipped Second Opinion, and find myself here with this game. We had to repeat certain operations so many times it's not even funny, and sometimes due to stupid mistakes on our part. New Blood is such an intense third-party title for the Wii that it's games like this that the Wii needs more of: challenging, fun, and satisfying. If you, like me, get so into a game that when you lose you actually scream out (Be it profanity, etc.), expect that same attitude here. But the game has that Elite Beat Agents thing going on where even though you lose, you can't help but find yourself saying, "All right, one more time! We'll get it this time!" If you want an intense challenge, try out this game. Also, I strongly recommend you get it if you're planning on playing with someone, just because it's much more fun that way. I would've been done with the game already (Got it day one) but the friend I play it with can't always come over, and the only time we played it, which all this is based on, we played 5 hours and half, straight!

3. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (Wii)


God. Damn. Times two. This game is freakin' awesome, but DAMN will it piss you off to no end. If you've ever played a FE game, you know that the most challenging part is keeping every single one of your valuable units alive for a mission. The hardest choice one can make in this game (and FE in general), is whether you should restart the whole battle that took you over 45 minutes just because that one unit died, or go on, never to see it again, and possibly damaging your progress later on. This game is tough, and that's no overstatement. For example, I'm seriously at the final battle of the game with over 60 hours into it, but it's just so annoying that the stupid boss chose to attack the main character out of EVERYONE else and I hadn't Battle Saved for a while T_T Not to mention it's an even harder experience for me because for some reason I have NO Nihil skills whatsoever...and if you know this game, you know what that means...>_> Seriously, if you read any review for this game, you'll definitely come across how challenging this game is. The box says "E for Everyone," but it may be changed because of the suicidal tendencies it will cause its vict--er, young purchasers :lol::P But even still, the game is just awesome. no joke. *masochism talking >_>*

2. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (Wii VC)


OMFG. Just...OMFG. This game is sadistic! I love that I bought it...but it's even challenging for me. I could only get to World 2-2 because of a big-ass gap that hindered my progress, and me thinking that I tried everything possible, I find ANOTHER invisble block after the first invisible block. WTF! (I swear I thought I tried everything XD), and then comes 2-4...*sigh* Lost all 5 lives I accumulated on that stage, and one right at Bowser :cry: When you lose all your lives, you restart from that world's FIRST level, NOT the one you left off at. And deaths are usually small mistakes on the player's part, which is what makes it worse. Stupid deaths are the worst kinds of death in a game. Has anyone beaten this game yet? And I mean without skipping worlds.Oh, and I am not going to stop playing this game until I beat it, just to clarify.

1. Contra 4 (DS)


Damn...when I first started the game, right at the first level, even before the checkpoint, I would get annihilated. Pwnd, basically. Even now...after memorizing the first stage, I can really only get to the end of stage 2, but with crap weapons, and I can only dodge for so long before I get hit and die. In true Contra fashion, memorization is what will save you. Not to mention it's even harder now because there's two screens to deal with, and a gap, and you'll get some cheap deaths. Trust me. One hit and you're dead; and with so few continues, with nine levels'll be hell to get there. Sometimes I still get killed in the first stage but, again...because of a stupid death, and sometimes it's because I think, "Oh, I won't get it..." And sure enough, I do. When that happens (on the first stage), I immediately restart because lives are a precious, precious necessity in this game >_>

Other possible choices:
Zack & Wiki (Wii) (If you wanna call 'thinking' hard :P)
Etrian Odyssey (DS)

So there you have it--my personal Top 5 most fun, but challenging games of this year. Technically, The Lost Levels came out this year, and to many of us, it's the first time we've played it, so, yeah.

Now, what about the rest of you fellow gamers? What are some of the more challenging games you've played?

Also, any other hard games that you guys would like to recommend to me? I'll gladly look into them if I don't already know about them.

So I just came back from watching Harry Potter 5...and it blew!

My God...the movie was horrible. Terrible, even. I had such high hopes for this installment, as Order of the Phoenix was seriously one of my favorites (If not my definite favorite). But, alas, as it's one of the biggest books in the series, and the length of movies and info input from their book counterparts can only be stretched so far, much was changed and/or left out :( (Mainly the latter).

Truth be told, the movie was pretty boring >_> It seriously isn't worth your guys' money. Read the book instead, which was awesome.

Anyone else watched it and was disappointed by it? Better yet, is there anyone that actually enjoyed this travesty? Mark spoilers, people!

I'm finally back! And, ZOMG, with pics of me for the first time EVAH!!!!

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who commented in my last entry. You guys rock! Good news is, I'm back to my usual self here on GS! :D I'll probably come on as usual, but who knows, right? :P

Man, I haven't been on GS in a little over a month! :o It feels so weird! That's the longest time I've exiled myself from here and you guys :P

Anyway, I feel loads better now, and, happy to say, more joyful than before :D On June 29th, it was my birthday, which is when the following pics were taken ;) Me and a friend hung out together, and she treated me to a couple things :P Oh, yes, I turned 17 ;) Without further adieu, here's me! XD (If the pics go off to the side, just right-click and 'view image')

[spoiler]  [/spoiler]

[spoiler]  Western Hole - Downstairs ;) [/spoiler]

[spoiler]  lol... [/spoiler]

[spoiler]  Spank? [/spoiler]

[spoiler]  Caught off guard >_> [/spoiler]

[spoiler]  Hmm... [/spoiler]

Too bad I couldn't show you guys some we took during night time :( Show you guys some of my tongue action :P

Haha...any nice comments from anyone? :P

Enough about me! What's up with you guys? Time to catch up--what's new?

Me + Resident Evil = Me Being a Little Girl

Oh, wow...I can't stomach survival horror/horror games for some reason! :cry: Man, I'm such a damn wuss T_T Truth be told, I bought Resident Evil for the GC a couple years ago, but never played it until today...Anyway, I'm always so tense, and my stomach feels weird sometimes...>_> I just went upstairs and got the Golden Arrow, but turned it off because I didn't feel like playing anymore T_T

This isn't my first Resident Evil game, mind you :P The first one I ever played for more than just a few minutes (like I've done with the rest) was RE4, which I liked a lot, but was too much of a wussy wussy to finish! :P I'm at the castle right now--pretty far into it, though. OMG! That reminds me! My scariest moment in RE4 was when it was dark and raining, so you couldn't see very well--but anyway, I was pretty confident with myself, and was like, "Psh, this is nothing--I'm not scared to be running." And I had just passed the bridge by the Illuminados' church, when all of a sudden, these crazy-ass wolves came out of nowhere and I jumped and screamed, "OH, S***!!!" :lol: That was my favorite moment because I laughed at myself right afterwards :lol:

I also bought a couple new games: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (GC), Paper Mario: Thousand-Year Door (GC), Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes (GC), and the one that's been taking up my time, Odin Sphere, which I bought on release day :D I freakin' love this game :D I chose the Hard difficulty ;) The prior week I had bought Etrian Odyssey on release day.

Haha...just thought I'd let you guys in on how pathetic I can be when playing RE games, or any horror games in general...:oops: Ironically, I REALLY want to play the Silent Hill series, because I'm more of a psychological-horror-kinda-guy :P

Is anyone else even REMOTELY like me? :P

As of April 22nd, I have no life...

...and that's because I got my copy of Pokemanz! :P Like almost everyone else, I got Diamond...sue me >_> I should have gotten Pearl, though, since it's my birth stone, but whatever...>_> Yeah, I'm a little rebel :P Since I got it on Sunday, in the morning around ten AM, I've been playing it obsessively O.o My play time as of right now is 31:16...and I only have three badges :P I'm grinding my Pokemon right now 8) If you're interested, these are my six right now:

Skuntank, level 34 (Just evolved. Yay :D) I nicknamed this one because it's sort of special to me :oops: (Kick-ass that it learned Flamethrower!!!)
Alakazam, level 31
Torterra, level 35 (Yeah, I chose Turtwig as my starter :D)
Staraptor, level 35
Luxray, level 34
Gastly, level 16 (I just switched him into my party to train him :P)

I haven't played a game this obsessively in a while, and this is why I love Pokemon games. So much nostalgia :cry: I always get excited when I encounter first-generation Pokemon :)

OMG! Does anyone have Pearl here? I really want a Houndour! :cry: Would somebody be kind enough to trade me one? :cry: (More like give :oops: ) I swear whoever gives me one I'll love forever >_> my second favorite person :oops:

I'll admit I was a huge PokeFreak back in my elementary school rocked :P I still am for the games, though 8) Oh yeah! Anyone also happen to have any extra starters they'd like to gift me with? :P (Chimchar, Piplup :oops: ) I'm sorry! :cry: I'll admit I have issues >_>

 Oh, I also got my stylus 8) But it's a Pearl one. At least I have a bit of both game now :P

So, I saw The Departed...*No Spoilers*

And it was a pretty damn good movie. Me, my sisters, and my sister's husband watched it together. One of my sisters kept saying how good it was, and we were browsing through the "On Demand" thing Cox Cable offers, so, her opinion made our choice, you could say.

Man, it was an awesome movie, and I can certainly see why it won so many awards. I like how it progressed--it seriously reminded me of my favorite manga, Death Note. Does anyone else agree? :o



On gaming news, I might pick up Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales to show off my masculinity and hardcoreness to everyone 8)...that, and it seems fun XD. I'm also waiting for Odin Sphere's release this month, and Pokemon Diamond. Then on July 25th...Persona 3! :D


I really want a 360 now, dammit. There are a bunch of games that interest me now, as opposed to when the console first launched. I'll wait on a PS3 for even longer, I know that. Being a gamer is an expensive hobby :cry: