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A Gaming Blog, 2014 in Retrospective part 2

So this is the second part of the last blog, covering the last 6 months of the Blog.

July: July was another slow month but I got two interesting offers The Wolf Among us Ep. 5 Cry Wolf and Guacamelee STE, while Guacamelee was a nice experience and had plenty of references to both mexican and videogame culture, it also captured some of the essence of the "dia de muertos" mexican festivity, and The Wolf Among Us wrapped nicely and it became one of my favorite games of the year.

August: Had more interesting games out, I got, the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 on Xbox 360, Madden NFL 15, Metro Redux and Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition, The Walking dead I have yet to finish ( I'm on episode 3) but the game didn't work fine on my console, constant crashes and freezes made it hard to enjoy, sadly I got the 5 chapters at once, so I didn't get the time to test it before getting it, Madden NFL 15 is what ou can expect from a Madden game, with the slight improvements for the amateurs, and the in depth customization for the fans, Metro Redux I barely played the original (and this one for the matter) but it looks and plays nice on Survival mode, I actually want to start and get into it, and finally Diablo III UEE, which was a nice update to Diablo III the new class was the most fun to play and the new chapter 5 is a blast to go throught.

September: September started the big game launches and the beginning of the end for my wallet, with Minecraft XO Edition, Destiny, Disney Infinity 2.0, Forza Horizon 2 and Middle Earth shadow of Mordor I had plenty of gaming, Minecraft was what I expected after playing the 360 edition, Disney Infinity 2.0 is played from time to time with my nephews, wish the game was simpler for them to build stuff, then Destiny was the disappointment of the year, it is not a bad game, but so much was expected from it that it felt short of what we hoped we'd experience, Forza horizon 2, is my favorite racing game nowadays, it has enought to keep me returning to play, fun driving, good races series and some of the best car "roster" I've seen, and finally Shadow of Mordor was the opposite to Destiny it turned out to be a big game, with plenty of things to do and dynamic story telling, it was a nice mix of batman arkham, assassin's creed and the awesome nemesis system, a strong game nonetheless.

October: wasn't as impressive as September but still had good games like The Evil Within, Sunset Overdrive and Killer Instinct Season 2, KI hasn't released the full roster, but so far the additions are welcome and keeps making the game bigger, The Evil Within, so far is good, kind of weird, and the black bars on the screen are annoying, but gameplaywise it's enjoyable so far and finally SSOD is one of the best new IP to come this year, fun, irreverent,colorful and with plenty of stuff to do, it could have used a better coop component.

November, the biggest month of the year with a constant barrage of games, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Assassin's Creed Unity, Halo the Master Chief Collection, FarCry 4, GTA V and Dragon Age Inquisition, CoD:AW is the most engaging Call of duty I have played since Modern Warfare 2, and the new gameplay features make the formula feel somewhat fresh, AC Unity is so far ok to play and looks really pretty but is nowhere as engaging as Black Flag, then there's Halo which was somewhat of a letdown, on one hand when it works is pure joy to play, but when it doesn't.....ugh! nothing new except the 60FPS wich is nice, we also have FarCry 4, a game fun, pretty and full with content, some of the best gameplay on a FPS, the wildlife and the nonscripted events are truly special, then there's GTA V a game that was rerelased from last year with the same base experience and the added FP mode, and best and last Dragon Age Inquisition, a huge game, pretty with tons of activities and jaw dropping moments, specially if you played the previous games and got to arrange your world in the Dragon Age Keep.....GotY.

December: not much just Limbo and it was for free, but I love that game!

so that was 2014 for me, hope 2015 is as interesting! but it's kind of off putting the many bugs games have nowadays

A Gaming Blog, 2014 in retrospective part 1

oh! 2014, where are you? a few days into 2015 and I can gladly look of what gaming brought me in 2014, I had the time and money to try games I would not normally try and had a few good surprises, as years pass by I'm less and less into Multiplayer games, but this year there where a couple that caught my interest a bit, and I can say I officially made the jump to the newest generation, my Xbox One saw far more playtime than my 360 (except for Fable Anniversary),this year I also had to travel a lot, so my regular playtime was at times nonexistent and other times was ok, so here is the quick breakdown of what I played this year.

January, as expected January was a slow month being the only game I got Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, I loved the original release of the game and the definitive edition, was not so different from that apart from the visual upgrade (which wass noticeable) I still had a few games to play from last year so Tomb Raider DE didn't saw as much action as I expected, although I still plan to finish the game and try to complete all SP Achievements.

Febraury; this month saw a lot more games on the 360 than the Xbox One, I got, Fable Anniversary, FarCry Classic, Castlevania Lords of Shadows 2, The Wolf Among Us Ep. 2, on the 360, Thief and Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare on the Xbox One, Fable Anniversary was a solid game and as charming as I remember, this is the only game I got the 1k gamerscore this year, FarCry Classic, was harder to me to play since I didn't have a decent screen at the moment, so the game looked awful and I couldn't get the hang of the gameplay, but later this year I got more into it and started to enjoy it (still need to finish it), Castlevania Lords of Shadows 2, was a let down, the first one was an amazing game, but this fell short, the ambient and gameplay was off putting and I never felt like Dracula, didn't even have the will to finish it, The Wolf Among us was ok, I liked the first chapter better, but the story and fabletown started to get rolling in this chapter, Thief was the game I expected the most and ended being the one I played the least, I thought it was solid but I haven't put the time and effort into actually playing and enjoying it I might do it this year, and finally, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare turned out to be a nice surprise a friendly yet fun game to play, I was hooked to the multiplayer as I used to be on Battlefield Bad Company, and the continuos release of free DLC made me keep coming back to me it's the first big game that came to the Xbox One

March: Just three games this month; I got Metal Gear Ground Zeroes, Titanfall and Dark Souls II, Metal Gear Ground Zeroes was ok, too short, but it was enjoyable while it lasted still I might try and go for the side missions before trying the Phantom Pain, then Dark Souls II, was fun to play I don't have the time, dedication, and focus to get really good at the game but it was more inviting to play than the previous game of the series, I might look into the upcoming XO version, and finally Titanfall, it was a fun game to play with friend but a little lacking on content, I expected to keep playing it a bit more, surprisingly I ended playing Plants vs Zombies GW way more.

April: 4 games all for the Xbox One, Kinect Sports Rivals, Trials Fusion, Child of Light and Lego the Hobbit; Kinect Sports Rivals turned out to be better than expected and is still fun to play with friends and family they all get impressed at how kinect creates your virtual champion, and the accuracy of the device, Trials Fusion, was my favorite game of the month, being jus what I expected, more trials and crazyness I'm surprised at the things users create on the level editor, Child of Light a pretty game, with some basic mechanics, while nice to look at, the story and gameplay drags a bit, and finally Lego the Hobbit, an ok lego game that I got to play with my nephew, too bad we also got Lego MArvel superheroes which got a ton more gametime.

May: 4 more games 3 for the Xbox One and 1 for the PS Vita, Wolfenstein the New Order, Watch_Dogs, Super Time Force and Borderlands 2, Borderlands 2 was just ok on the Vita, the controls were a bit lacking and the game appearance was just ok (Uncharted Golden Abyss looked way better) Super Time Force was a truly enjoyable game, with a creative gameplay and mission structure, I dig the game style, Watch_Dogs is an ok Ubi game, it could have been way better, but the idea was solid enough, the campaign was ok to play throught, I expect Watch_Dogs 2 to be an awesome game and finally Wolfenstein the New ORder I think this is the biggest surprise of the year for me, an incredible game, very flexible and fun to play, couldn't put down the controller until I finished it, and there I was before playing it, thinking it would be the same generic game the last Wolfenstein was.

June: worst month of the year, just one game EA Sports UFC, the game looked pretty but it was too complex to get used to, a lot of the mechanics seemed like you needed feline reflexes,on the plus side it had Bruce Lee and I actually got to go undefeated in career mode with him, in a solid record of 40-0-0 and overall rating of 100

So keep reading later for part 2 of 2014 breakdown

A Gaming Blog, finishing games

this week I noticed that in the last month I hadn't beat a single game out of my backlog, so this week I put an extra effort to finish three! I got to become champion of the Horizon festival, then I saved the world in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, and finally I defeated a building in Sunset Overdrive

Preview, One year of Xbox One

In five days the xbox One will be one year old, and to conmemorate I'm going to write a big entry for A Gaming Blog, but to make this entry worthwhile, some gaming stuff.

Recently I've been traveling due to my job and I try to take a console each trip (alternating between Xbox 360, Xbox One and 3DS) so this trip I took the good old 360, and have been replaying some of my favorite games, I just did my second ever Dragon Age Origins playthrough, because when watching the tapestry from Dragon Age Keep I couldn't recall most of the situations of the game, and well I enjoyed this playthrought quite a bit trying something totally different from what I use to play as (human male warrior 80% of the time) this time I did a Female Dwarf Rogue and had a good time and marvel at how good is Bioware to make stories and characters for their games, on the other hand I reckon Dragon Age Origins looks awful, but I kind of got into the game world and I enjoyed my time with it..

On the other hand I started Season 2 for The Walking Dead game, and while I enjoy the first one I'm having a lot of problems with the framerate dropping and the game freezing with each with every transition, so I moved to play again Deus Ex Human Revolution and it is as exciting and refreshing to me as the first time I played it.

A Gaming Blog, Xbox 360 and the last generation.

I just finished my stacks for gaming through years since 1997, and while it proved somewhat challenging to recall most of

the games I'm satisfied with the results, I can compile my gaming habits, and be able to observe a few patterns and really

get to actually see from the outside what my favorite games and kind of games are, the generation that is just ending

brought the most gaming for me and I got to experience a lot of different games and genres.

First of all, my favorite franchises, MAss Effect games were the best each year that they came out, Splinter Cell has

been always among the best of them with each iteration, and so has Halo main games (wars, ODST and Anniversary are

the ones I'm not to fond of), and I got to be a huge fan of Bethesda RPGs, Assassin's Creed got two games that came on

top on different years, but also had good (butnot that good) games, Batman Arkham games were also among the best with

each new entry, both Rainbow Six Vegas games were the second best each year they came out (so naturally I want a new one)

and Far Cry has been also one of the most propositiveshooters out there, and Crysis made some interesting cases with

their new iterations, I also see that I enjoy new franchises and IPs every thime they come out, and well last but not

least, Stealth games, and RPGs are my favorite genres out there.

Also, Call of Duty marked a huge trend this generation, but I did not enjoy but the first couple modern warfare,

after that I kind of got done with the series, the reboot from Tomb Raider and Devil May Cry, drew me to try the newest

installments, and enjoy them more than the predecessors, Battlefield brought me great joy in the Bad Company iterations,

but failed in the console versions for part 3 and 4.

Finally, I can safely say that my most played game of the past generation was Skyrim, it brings a lot of fun and immersion

to me making me try different things all the time, and taking the time to explore and amaze at the scope of the game, most

of my game time was made in the 360 (although I owned all the consoles at some point), and well I just have to feel

happy for all the gaming I got this generation and I also got to knew some nice folk (mostly gamespoters) because of this


A Gaming Blog, Xbox One a couple days later.

So far, I've played 6 games for Xbox One, Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3, Battlefield 4, Killer Instinct, Killer Instinct Classic and FIFA 14, after the first day game installing got way smoother and faster, and I actually got to kid around with the voice commands, so far they are not perfect, but they seem to work properly 95% of the time, and well the transition between games/dashboard,/apps is seamless, which makes it very convenient, one point I have to say I dislike is how achievements are now in the backrow of a game experience, get to the Achievements screen takes a lot longer than it should and is not as esasy to browse them, on the plus side the DVR works like a wonder.

A Gaming blog, Xbox One so far.


Man this is kind of tiresome, first an update, then the installation after that if one wants to play you have to wait for the game to be installed, so far I'm not happy Microsoft, and why would I need an Xbox live connection to install a game on a disc?

The point of gamers wars?

So far since the announce of the most recent generation of consoles, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and PC users/gamers, are throwing barrage after barrage of thrash talk against the consoles that they are not planning to pick up, to some extent I understand this, what's the point? is beyond me, as most people go out of their way to make the other consoles look bad, fanboyism and trolling are obvious participants of this "discussions" but my real question is, what's the goal of all this? what's the purpose of this "system wars"? is it to make someone regret their choice? or is it a way to mock other people? or are we doing the PR and marketing job of global corporations and try to destroy the competition? are they to make someone else change their choice?

A gaming blog, gaming between generations

Hi! a new blog entry for this long forgotten blog, well it's just a few more days until the release of the next generation of console (for microsoft and sony that is) and while I will be making the jump myself, it's going to be a bit weird, because I have so many games to play in my backlog (which continues to grow), for starters I got a couple intergenerational games in NBA 2k14 and Assassin's Creed IV, NBA 2k14 is what you would expect from the basketball franchise, and Assassin's Creed IV was a nice surprise because is the pirate games we always wanted, and also a solid Assassin's Creed game.

Other games that I have played recently worth noting are, obviously GTA V (which at the moment I'm not playing due to the game deciding to erase my game progress after an update), Batman Arkham Origins which I really liked but was a step behind City to be honest and a really surprise in the form of Rayman Legends which is a brilliant game full of fun and great moments.