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Gamespot is dead for me

I've been away long time. I won't come back here again. I'm sorry to the people who are vetoing me for being moderator. It is fine with me.

I've been playing the following games:

Fantasy LIfe

Pokemon X and Y (replay and transfer pokemon with items to Pokemon Alpha Sapphire)

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby (Transfer pokemon to Pokemon Alpha Sapphire)

To GS Community: People here have a dislike or some hatred on me. I want my ballot removed. Please find someone else to be moderator.

Good-bye GS

Update Tomodachi Life

Update on Tomodachi Life

6 married couples:

Sakamoto (Nintendo) and Princess Zelda (Twilight Princess): Child Jacob

Sephiroth (JP_) :P and Christina Agulera: Child Reagan (New permament resident of Nintendo Island)

Iwata (CEO of Nintendo) and Faith Connors (Mirror Edge): child I forgot the name :P

ACE (My Mii) and Koizumi (Nintendo)

Bill Trinen (Nintendo) and Ellen Denegeres (Ellen Show)

Miyamoto and Elsa (Frozen movie)

5 sweethearts:

Link (Legend of Zelda) and Anna (Frozen movie)

Smashking (Sniper-Gamer) :P and Rosanna (Nintendo)

Samus Aran (Metroid) and Mario (Japanese)

Chrom (Fire Emblem: Awakening) and Maka Arbarn (Soul Eater anime/manga)

Shaq (NBA) and Maya Fey (Ace Attorney series)

Still I don't know but others on my island.

I have several star crossed lovers.

That's all for now ;)

Tomodachi Life

I've been playing Tomodachi Life since I was selected by Nintendo Platinum Club to try it out. Tomodachi LIfe is similar to Animal Crossing New Leaf but your Miis has giving a voice and personality. They live on your island. My Island called Nintendo Island. Population growth is in 60's. I added new Miis day by day. I answered about 400 of my islanders problems to date.

Changing my profile background

I'm changing my profile from a scene from Dance in the Vampire Bund anime. I can't tell you what the new profile background but it is related to the new game for Wii U.

P.S. Gamespot Community Team I read your message. I'm interested in joining the moderator team. I will do my best to help out.

Fight Back against Mass Surivellance

My Friends here in Gamespot. We need to fight back against Mass Survillence. Our Privacy is violated.

Pokemon X and Y and making a guide for those new games

I got both Pokemon X and Y last night past midnight. I started playing Pokemon X. I already got 6 pokemon in my party and more in my pokemon box 1. Also beaten the first Gym leader for first gym badge. I got also the special torchic from Nintendo.

I'm going to make a guide for Pokemon X & Y with my old GS username arline6, since I have 2 guides under that name. I need all the help with pokemon in Pokemon Y.

Send email to this email address:

New stuff in my room

I'm back 

I got bamboo wood flooring :)

My parents bought me new 46" Smart TV


and new TV stand


and new chair/storage for my desk


yeah it has sliders so it won't scratch the flooring.

Next I may get Wii U Deluxe. Not the Limited Edition with Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD.

I get the game separately.

Look like all unions are dying (Death of Unions)

Like the title said.

I have seen the signs that unions are dying b/c what GS is doing now. 

Not much activity in unions like posting.

I told everyone at my union Pokemon Regions Union to go to Zetaboards where Pokemon Regions Union is now.

Me, JP and GOM1 already registered there.

Please my friends who are my officers go to Pokemon Regions Union Zeta and registered there. There are threads already made.