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ow lesson learnt

So today I was riding my bike back from the library. I had just met up with some friends and had a good time. So I am in the middle of the street when I notice the light turn from green to yellow. In order to try and get across I speed up. I run smack dab into a pole. Now I have no bike, sore everywhere, a gash on my leg, roadburn well any skin that was exposed. The people from the liquer store that I happen to crash in front of were more than happy to give me a hand. I was much obliged. I called my dad and he comes. Several people make friendly gestures. The same liquer store offers me... no not booze plain bottled water. I refused, considering I just bled in their store. A lady offered me some basic first aid material. I acepted and did a patch job to stop bleeding. My dad comes. We throw my bag, bike and the wheel that fell off in the trunk which did not fit it all. So I get home and in low amounts of pain. My dad helps me clean off some of the cuts and what not. I go and take a shower. No sooner than I get undressed I hear the phone go off. It was my mom. I knew I was in a spot of trouble. My dad answered I turned the water on and took a short cold shower. I come back down and my dad and I do a good bandage job on my leg. I could have gone for stitches. Now I feel lightheaded. My mom is not home yet so I know there will be trouble in my future. My arm is not so good and most of all I learnt three things that day. One people who run a liquere store are not always bad people. Two, Never run into a pole with a bike unless you wish to have all four of your limbs in bad condtion. Three always where your helmet. now to go and try and not pass out.

What in the world is going on

No litteraly
What is wrong with this world?
If you ask me I am just finding it makes less and less logical sence.

Common place things are just minorly vexing:
Rubber bands are now a new obsestion in my area, which will remain undisclosed.
I argue with all my friends about politics, history, and the unreasonable: ie a zombie invasion (No really I had the argument it was decided that you stay on a yaht for a month then come to land kill the guy who you do not like and live in a mall, or something like that. It was late at night and I was so tired and my ears were near dead. I know the guy who we walked by had a thought along the lines of "WTF" or "Should I call the cops" or my personal favoret "just keep walking and they will not kill you")
I saw a skeleton of a cave bare for sale in a store. My friend (same night as zombie discussion) could not figure out a reason to buy it. with a price tag of 40,000 I could not myself.
A computer school run program I take litteraly involves me and everyone in the room logging onto the schools lan network and killing eachother in Halo, Counter Strike (highly popular in Brazil (FYI)), or Age of Empires: Age of kings expansion pack. with my teacher in the room, not carring, ditching said program about halfway through and on facebook sometimes.

But if you look at the big picture life is even more complex:
Politics have gone topsy turvy about the middle east (no change in retrospect)
THe oil spill in the Gulf has caused a problem that could have been fixed in a matter of minuets into a huge problem
Al gore should have been over this like crazy
THe economy everywhere is going down, and no one knows why.
Still two wars being fought by the US
Obama is doing absolutly little to nothing it seems.
A healthcare bill passed for unknown reasons

Even my life seems a little off:
again arguing on zombies
arguing on how I run my life
I know secrets are kept from me about my own family.

so someone put all these things together and tell me


P.S. the tags cover almost everything in this article so enjoy

Rules!?! some are weird some are off some are needed

OK look I am complaining about all the rules, but some are odd.
(in retrospect it is good to note Shift+enter gets one line just a note no part of this)

I also am not talking about the blue laws, the rediculous ones like; an odd law in Minnesota makes it illegal to hang male and female underwear on the same washing line. no really. they hold no ground, really.

No what I am talking about is other laws. Why is it ok to have people removed from a place due to lack of fancy clothes. Really that will hold. I just do not see their right to do that.

Another is being nudist. I think that might be a persons right, not a comunites. It is really confussing. none the less.

BUt remember I do not disagree with all the laws. Many I think are needed. I may be a hypocrit, but I hope things will be noticed.

(P.S. if any of the guys at AONU are reading this, the katana will make a comback one day, this changes nothing. sorry for not checking in)


This is my first blog. I am going to say one thing.
I mean big trouble. like big bad trouble.
Let me explain. As you know America is fighting two "wars". in debt and is considering Government funded health care. Now Obama has spent more in this 6 month stay the Bush JR. did in the 8 years. He plans to stop defending Iraq. So my prediction is that in time the Terorist company will crawl out of their holes and we will be back at square one. He plans to take out Health care. This will stop many businesses. putting many out of work. and then we need to cover them $$$$. THen the government will become socialistic and then we are in some real trouble. If that were not enough It will become even worse. Government are pondering the idea of weather or not to have the ability to stop the TV Internet and Radio in case of emergancy. That is comunism. THis is the path of America. THe Left wing has controle of most 2/3's of our government. Nothing can stop them. we are in some trouble.