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w00t I GOT A PS3!

yay yay yay i have a ps3 but only 4 games. and i just bought GW EN the day it came out. My Fav PS3 game would be elder scrolls 4:oblivion. i may write a review on it sometime if i can ever be bothered, and as usual i havnt been on much, only to look at game guides and reviews

sorry i havent been on much...(read on)

i hate runescape.

but... now i love .......guild wars.

i am lvl 20(max lvl) i am up to the ruins of morah 4/8/07

i really love it!,titles are, vanquished lightbringer(5),sunspear castellan(8) elonian pathfinder?(70%)

i am a warrior and have all threee games. i play nightfall the most and i have got a green axe, a green axe, a green hammer, a green smiting staff, a gold shield, a gold sword and 79k(i love to sell)!

so to anyone that plays guild wars my user name is: Guy Thats Wierd

and im very sorry i have only been on gamespot to get guild wars game guides and i havent been on in ages

Burnout Revenge= look at my blog

i never thought i would like racing cames but this is one of the best games ive seen. oh i forgot to say its Mine!!!!!!! $25AU

and it usualy cost $90 i have one of the best games ever for a budget. i just dont get it.

my official and now only blog read on:#5

i will always edit this blog and tell you new stuff evryday im on and now i will try and make this my only blog.

today i got splinter cell chaos theory. and im up to the 8th mission and there are ten. the missions take about an hour. god dammit