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Social Networking

I've been really against the whole social networking 'scene' purely because it was never useful for me and didn't serve a purpose. Plus it all looked convoluted and too much maintenance for me to bother, as the myspaces and facebooks looked all to similar to blogging. And you know that my blogs are few and far inbetween.

A recent post over at Darth_Homerpointed me to Twitter, at first I had the same feeling towards it as the others. However I decided to make an account and add alot of the industry people just to follow and keep updated on the very latest news and whatnot.
However, what I found was a very simple and straightforward client to just post bitsized thoughts. Right up my alley.

You see, I don't blog much because when I want to blog there's been such a large gap between since I last blogged that I find there is (usually) quite a bit I want to put down, but that takes alot of time and I really cbf so twitter appeals to me in that regard where I can just update something when it happens and not have to compile everything into one big medium.

So now I'm doing the whole Twitter 'thing', and quite enjoy it.
Feel free to follow me, macros86.

Rock Band 2

Rock Band 2 shipped yesterday. Should have it by Wednesday...stupid Melbourne Cup Day preventing a delivery on Tuesday.
Unless someone can confirm that UPS still deliver on those sorts of public holidays.

The One Blog Not About Jeff

Wow can you believe it? A new blog post that isn't about Jeff, well, not fully anyway.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I will be moving out to my new house with my girlfriend, and about time as well.
Unfortunately this means no internet for about 2 weeks. Anyone who was looking to play me on 360 or PS3, alas I shall not be online. But fret not! I shall be back and I will be playing all my games offline. I'll actually have time to play some more Mass Effect now.

I'll be sure to post pictures of the place along with some TV/Console setups, and eventually my PC setup as well when I get my new one all ordered, in and built.

Take it easy guys, and I hope this place doesn't go to pieces while I'm gone, don't know what CNET will do next.

Welcome to the Dark Side

So as you may or may not have gathered, I finally spanked down for a 360 Elite. Mind you, it probably wasn't worth it but I'm happy with Mass Effect, so I won't complain about it .... you know what stuff it, I am going to complain.

Whats with this no built in Wi-Fi on the most expansive SKU? I gotta pay $170 for a POS little white thing (can't you even make a black one to go with the console?!?) that clips on the back and plugs in a USB port. Then, THEN I gotta pay for online? WTS is up with that! Your controllers run on battery's, seriously, you can't chuck in a rechargeable battery when consumers smack down $730? At least you give us a HDMI cable.

Anyhow, feel free to add me on XBL, I feel so ronrey with only 2 friends. Also let me know what some good XBLA games are and I'll take a look at starting my colletion.
Also feel free to tell me anything good about this to make me feel better about buying it.Because atm the only thing I like atm is Mass Effect and the fact that I can write some of it off on tax.

An Act of God

It would take an act of God to keep me off the internet.......................or my motherboard dieing on me.

The latter happened.

So the past, what, week? Two weeks? I've been computer-less and internet-less (sad face) but it hasn't been so bad.

Work has been keeping me busy, I'm now an Assistant Manager at one of the GAME stores in Melbourne. I picked up an Elite (shock horror!) played and clocked Halo 3 in one sitting and honestly don't see what all the fuss is about. Half Life 2 runs rings around any Halo game. So call me a PC person, it just works better.
Mass Effect is really spectacular though, and is a system seller for me.

My 360 isn't hooked up to Live yet because you gotta pay for that crap and for the wireless adapter. Not happy with the system, but hey, product knowledge and I get to write some of it off on tax.

On the PS3 I've been CoD4-ing, Judging some Eyes, Warhawking and I even got to play Assassins Creed at the Ubisoft Event in Melbourne last week.

At anyrate, I'll be ordering in a new motherboard in the next few weeks and probably in a month (I gotta recouperate my $700 loss on the 360) or so I'll just get a whole new PC that will have pretty much top of the line hardware, including Q6600, 8800GTX, 2GB RAM and XP.. Yeah, XP. Maybe I'll dual boot it for Vista, who knows. Or maybe by then MS will actually make it functional....doubt it.

In other news, me and my GF finally got accepted for a house to rent! We move out Dec 1st. Exciting!

Discontinued 60GB PS3. What about AU/EU?

With all the huss and fuss surrounding the discontinuation of the 60GB PS3 model, one has to wonder about the areas of the world that only have the 60GB model.

With SCEA reps saying that they are no longer making the 60GB model, does this infact lead us to presume that the 80GB model will be replaced in other countries?
With the official word that the 60GB is here to stay for countries like Australia and Europe, one has to wonder what exactly is going on at Sony HQ.

Sony, please make up your mind! You are either producing or not producing the 60GB model.

Gods and Heroes Beta [UPDATED]

Be there at 3AM tonight or miss out on your chance for a beta key!

UPDATE: Keys as of yet have not opened, still up for grabs!
UPDATE2: KEYS ARE LIVE! Go to the new link posted above, also go to this link here first to make a forum account:
You must make a forum account before you are able to redeem a CD Key.

I'm Maccy on the forums, see you there!


Thats right folks. The very first blog competiton ever on Gamespot!*
Are you into MMOs?
Do you like doing stuff?
Are rabbits cool?

Answer yes for any/all of the above and this comp is for you! (Thats right, YOU!)

Win yourself one game key to a upcoming MMO. Only one key to give away (and no it is not mine, a completly new and unused key).

Just reply here with a sentence or two, (no essays!) on what MMO you are most looking forward to, and why.
It must be a new game, and not a expansion (yeah sorry WoWers, no Lich King essays here).
Reply that I deem "the best" wins. Simple.

This is a game of skill, prizes have no monetary value. Entrants must be funny, willing to play a beta game and agree to an NDA.

[UPDATE]Judging will be held by me, and the competition closes TBA.

Anyone not tracked by me and tracking me will not be considered for this competiton. Friends** only!

*Statement may be incorrect.
**Friends as determined by Gamespots friend system.