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My Teacher Passed Away

All i have to say is that he was the best teacher I have ever had, he understood us and he was always cool. He was'nt considered just a teacher, but also as a friend to all of us. He had an inner teen in him, and he was always so down to earth. We had many great memories in his class, and told us when to stp when another teacher was coming into the classroom. He had 2 daughters and an ex-wife, who loved him very much and we all hope the best for them.

R.I.P Harold Susbac

Jan 26 1952 - May 3 2009

F.E.A.R (all games) review

F.E.A.R: Just got done and all i gotta say is that that was the most scariest, and best, game i have ever played on the 360. i fell in love with F.E.A.R the story is just incredible and some things just plain AWSOME! love the enemies, love the story, this one gets a 10 out of 10

Extraction Point: I give this one a 9 because the action was great and the creepiness was even greater! i jumped at parts and was freaking out at others. a great expansion to the first game.

Perseus Mandate: I give this one a 10! it was a great shooter. i loved this one better than EP because of the fact that it had more scaryness than action..ess and the fact that at almost all scary parts i just jumped and jerked and freaked out! a great game to play alone, in the dark, with all the lights off (except for ur TV light), and with the volume high up! :D

and about project origin what do ya guys think about the new weapons and the MECH SUIT! i cant wait! its gonna be amazing in my opinion! so yeah what do u guys think

F.E.A.R (the first one) and F.E.A.R combat/co-op

well i got the first one and it is pretty good so far and OMG it is wayy scaier than the second and third one. evry time i knock a can down or something it scares the hell out of me! one time i saw my own shadow and i just jumped! lol yeah i know pathetic but awsome! after this blog i will have my review on all of them. i also downloaded F.E.A.R co-op and combat they are both great when im bored or soemthing :D

F.E.A.R Files

i got it and im playing through the extraction oint campaign then im going to start the Perseus Mandate campaign. i think its pretty great so far im really enjoying it and so far iv only jumped twice but ill get more im sure of it. i thank fetus zero for getting me into this game i watched ur fear videos and they interested me! fear is such an amazing game :D im going to get the first one for 360 soon...

Ninja Gaiden 2!!!!!!!

Omg i am so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVEIT FINALLY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....yay! i would like to thank fetus zero because i am so excited and xxhacketxx because i am so excited wooohhoooooooooo!! oh yeah and my older brother for buying it for me

Spider-Man 3

well i got it for 2 reasons has my fav supervillan of all time (venom) has alot of great action scenes

but the only problem i had was that it had too many romance and sad scenes ah well still good


Cloverfield is a great movie that keeps you on the edge if ur seat for most of the movie. its very scary and great! its full of msteries and it led me to even more mysteries that i cant really explain its just soo creepy how......well i just cant explain it. anyway the movie had great CGI and plenty of suspense. well at least thats my opinion. this movie was great and very cheap at wal mart. well anyway comment, tell me what u thought about the movie, all that stuff :)

Alien Vs. Predator-Requiem

i got alien vs. predator requiem and i wasnt expecting much from it. but what i got was alot more i loves the movie from begining to end the action was great and the acting was pretty good and i thought it was great at first i was thinking it was gonna suck cause of all the people who say it does but i was surprized to see it was amazing! anyway comment talk about it u know what to do :D

Its Alive

well i got a new movie today its called "its alive" and and i dcided no0t to update it on my movie list cause really who is going to go throgh all those movies just to see if i got a new one so i guess il continue puttting up blogs anyway gavnt seen the movie but ima watch it and it looks good soo yeah its about a mtant baby and thats all i know soo yeah lol

COD4 100/1000 woooohooo i got it

yay i finally got 1000/1000 on COD4 yay im so happy my first 1000/1000 and wow that mile high club achievmnent was just wow. soo yeah yay! i got all achivmnets yay!

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