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Hi Guys, I'm new at the forum, so i hope you can help me.. I'm playing COD MW3 for a while, always multiplayer. Now the problem is when i want to play Multiplayer, i must download the DLC 2 collection, otherwise i can't play online anymore. So the game is sending me to the store, there i download AND install the right version (BLES-01428) of both Files (1 file is 163MB = 2 Face off maps etc. and 1 file is 71MB = Terminal). I go back to the game, start up Multiplayer and he still told me the DLC collection 2 is required to play online, but i just downloaded it! I try this a couple of times, i also deleted all old game data, redownload patch 1.19, start up safe mode to recover my hard drive (just for sure), but nothing works! I am a little bit addicted to MW3 :-), so you can understand i'm getting desperate i can't play online anymore. Does anyone recognize this problem and/or can help me with it?!